ECIR Affiliate Platform

Attract friends and acquaintances into our service and make money from their purchases in ECIR. Войти
What Is the ECIR Affiliate System?
The ECIR affiliate program is aimed at attracting new customers by advertising our platform through our users. Its very simple - advertise the ECIR service - specify your referral link and attract new customers - for each such client we will pay you real money!
ECIR Services
These are our products, which you can advertise to your followers, audience and friends. Tell them about our service and earn from each oh them payments!
ECIR Affiliate conditions
We pay from 10% commission for each order of your attracted partner, which has made the order under your link. For all orders, for life and without restrictions. All you need to do is to spread your link on your social networks or forums.
You must receive a total of more than 10$ to activate automatic withdrawal of funds. The output works in automatic mode and supports all popular payment systems - PayPal / Visa & MasterCard / Bitcoin.
If you attract just 100 users by the referral system and they pay for the goods at least by 2000$, then you can receive from 200$ commission fees and receive 10% of the order amount for all other payments of your partners.
How to start earning with ECIR?
Step 1 img
Go to your ECIR Dashboard
Step 2 img
Click the Affiliate Button at the menu
Step 3 img
Copy Your Affiliate link
Step 4 img
Start sharing your link and get PROFIT
Look at the short video about the ECIR referral system