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Updated conditions and new prices for ECIR 2019 resellers

We updated the terms and added new prices to our current resellers

Today, simultaneously with the release of ECIR v.3.2, we have added new conditions for resellers. Now each user of the ECIR platform can get the status of a reseller and start using the service at wholesale prices and new conditions. To obtain the status of a reseller, we have developed two scenarios for interaction with our platform:

Accumulation - The more you work with our service, the more interesting discounts and special offers you will receive. When the total amount of all your orders reaches $1000  you will get the opportunity to purchase all our products at wholesale prices, which you can find in the pricing table

One-time replenishment of the balance - With a one-time replenishment of the balance in the amount of $600  you get the opportunity to continue to use the system name system in the status of "Reseller" at wholesale prices, which you can find in the pricing table

Reseller API - We have developed our own API for our ECIR platform to engage resellers and similar service owners to promote social networks. If you already have your own business in the field of advertising, SMM and the promotion of social networks - then you can use our software solution to sell our products through automatic integration with our API. Read more about the ECIR API in our article.

We are open to cooperation and always in touch, if you have any questions regarding our system - please contact our technical support.

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