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Telegram promotion for channels and groups

Thriving business for bloggers and entrepreneurs

There is a wide array of popular social networks everywhere on the Internet these days. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, YouTube, VK - all these services have come a long way. From simple websites where you could exchange messages or post different content to powerful forces in business building and trendsetting. One such service gets more and more popular comparing to others and its Telegram - a simple and convenient messenger that was founded by the world-famous iT-developer Pavel Durov.

Telegram's userbase grows now faster than ever. At the moment it has more than 200 million active users all across the globe and the mobile app remains massively popular. Telegram is available for both iOS and Android and can be accessed via web browser or desktop app.

With that in mind, Telegram's evergrowing popularity is not a surprise for anyone. As a business platform and marketing tool Telegram has enormous potential due to how widespread it is. This is why Telegram promotion is so necessary for those users who want to advertise their services and offer their goods for sale to a broad audience.

Why is Telegram promotion so important?

Many people ask: why Telegram and not any other messenger that shares similar functionality? Many social media managers and promoters ask that question but the answer is quite apparent: not only is Telegram useful but it is also fairly convenient which, as a result, brought a lot of common users as well as specialists to it. Some of Telegram's advantages include:
  • complete security (Telegram stores all the user data without revealing encription keys to anyone - not even the government or intelligence agencies);
  • Secret Chat option (all secret chats are even more secured and heavitly encrypted and as of yet there is no way to hack this system);
  • app's convenience and accessibility (even someone without any experience in online-messaging can learn how to use it without any trouble. Telegram's UI is very intuitive and it won't take more than an hour to learn how to use all of its functionality);
  • multiple language support (Telegram is available in 14 languages which helps attracting users from all over the world, ensuring that Telegram's userbase is constantly growing).
  • high-end modern algorithms that make the process of Telegram promotion go smooth and clean;
  • our system and our work process is completely automatic;
  • 24/7 customer support and feedback;
  • convenient payment system (clients can utilize bank payment or online payment services for purchase).
  • boost followers to your Telegram channel. We offer you quick promotion that will take from 10 minutes to 36 hours to be fully completed. The process speed will depend on how many users you need. Our system can attract up to 25 thousand new followers per one operation);
  • boost publication views (this service is relatively quick to enroll. Our system takes from 5 to 60 minutes to fully perform it. Our system can produce up to 2000 views per one operation, up to 5 operations a day with one channel;
  • boost views to 5 recent posts on the channel (our system takes from 10 minutes to 1.5 days to fully perform this service. We offer you a quick boost that involves promoting only 5 recent publications on your channel. Our system can produce up to 5000 views per one operation and two operations per day. price of service
Why us?

If we compare Telegram to other social media platforms, it is still rather fresh which means its popularity still grows. It isn't a household name in online-marketing not anywhere around Russia or in most other places. Therefore, those services that offer Telegram promotion or any assist with that are few and far between. Our company works under two key principles - reliability and swift performance. We offer you to quickly make your Telegram-channel popular, while offering our services for reasonable price. Our vast experience in promotion via numerous different social media services will help us quickly boost your channel popularity.

And so, if you want results and do not want to overpay, we are here to help you with that.

Our service's advantages include:

List of services
Our company offers you Telegram promotion which does not include bots promotion. You can create your personal bot and ask your friends who also use Telegram to help and test it. However, any operations that we provide will not work with bot-accounts.

Here is what we offer to our clients:

Your orders are placed automatically within our system. Before you start you need to add funds to your service account. You receive your services automatically after transaction is completed. Mind that in our promotion we utilize both bots and real accounts. They belong to real people who use Telegram, join channels and browse through posts. You can order very efficient and time-saving promotion from us, which always brings in real numbers.

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