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Ordering goods on ECIR: brief guide

Let us explain in detail the rules for ordering goods on our services

You cannot figure out how to order goods on ECIR? Then this mini-guide will surely come in handy for you. To order services in our store you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. go to the section of the site of the service "New order" and choose those goods that you need to purchase;
  2. select the amount of service execution (for this, specify the required scale of the promotion in the column "Quantity", located in the card of each product);
  3. specify a link to a page or publication on the page to be promoted (rules for linking are published in the section of the ECIR Knowledge Base);
  4. add selected goods to the shopping cart;
  5. pay for the order and wait when the operation is carried out.

Pay attention to the fact that the execution of the order begins only after payment. Before ordering the goods you need to top up your balance in the personal account of the ECIR user. After you pay all the ordered services in full, the execution of the promotion will start automatically.

The system for the promotion of accounts in social networks is conducted without any actions on the user’s side. Please note that the speed of your orders depends on the degree of promotion that you have purchased. It takes from 10 minutes to 72 hours for the ECIR system to implement all the promotion operations.

We also draw your attention to the fact that cancellation of orders per customer request after they were paid is impossible. Cancellation of purchase and refunds are possible only if during the execution of the work there was a failure in the system or other technical errors were found. Any claims about an unfulfilled order due to incorrectly specified references are not accepted, because the client takes responsibility for specifying them.

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