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Getting more likes on YouTube: basic information

How do you know if someone liked your video? It is enough just to look at the number of likes under the video - it is the most eloquent indicator of the demand for recording among viewers.

In addition to this, positive marks help to promote the video in the list of the most popular content on the hosting portal. The principle is simple: the more likes, the higher the position of the video in the ranking of the most popular video is.

Do not be discouraged if your videos are not liked as often as you wish they were. You can correct this situation with the help of professionals in the field of promotion on social networks. With the help of special services you will get the opportunity to quickly promote your channel with the use of various methods of cheating. You will be able to improve your account's rating, expand the reach of your publications and increase the number of followers. One of the most popular options for promoting a channel on YouTube is increasing the number of likes.

What is the right way to add likes?

Remember the main rule - the number of likes should not be even approximately equal to the number of views. Otherwise, it may cause suspicion among other users. They will doubt the honesty of the methods of promotion chosen by the author of the publication. Focus on the ratio of "three views per one like". So, if you want to promote your videos to a greater number of likes, then do not forget about the cheating of views.

Try to boost other indicators of the popularity of video as well. Increase the number of comments under the videos, as well as do not forget about the moderate amount of dislikes. A truly effective channel promotion on YouTube is possible by using all available methods of promotion. This way you can create an impression of the interest of the audience in your videos.

Promote your videos with us

Getting more likes on YouTube with the help of our service is easy. From you it is required to execute only two actions - to choose necessary services and to pay for them via any convenient payment system. Then the service will do everything for you. Promotion will start automatically. We offer our clients the following services of the specified plan:

  • likes slow (the transaction price is $ 9,84 for 1000 likes.) You can add from 50 up to 50,000 likes in a day);
  • likes standard (option cost - $ 10,98 for every 1000 likes). Per one day, it is possible to add from 10 up to 25000 likes);
  • likes turbo (the price of the service is $ 14,76 for 1000 likes, the operation is carried out in an accelerated mode.) The limit of likes added is from 100 up to 200000 likes per day).

Standard and fast adding of likes is carried out within half an hour after payment of service. Promotion in the turbo mode requires more time - it takes up to 12 hours. The execution of any ordered operation begins automatically after the payment is processed. The client only needs to select the necessary service and transfer funds for it via any convenient way.

We pay your attention to the fact that for more productive promotion we use bots and offer YouTube accounts. Their owners are real people who participate independently in any promotion actions. Offer accounts significantly help expand the geographical coverage of the video and secure the channel from possible checks by the administration of YouTube - no one will doubt the honesty of the promotion, if it is based on the help of real users.

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