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ECIR vs. YTbot: service comparison

A new comparison is waiting for you.

So here is a new material from our already familiar to you rubric. We still continue to compare online services engaged in promotion on social networks, only now the comparisons reached a higher level. For the sake of the rubric, for the third time the ECIR store will be opposed to a similar resource operating on the international market. This time the YTbot platform became the opponent of the service. Will this service be a worthy opponent of ECIR? We will learn this in the course of the article.

1. Easy signup

Right in the first comparison criteria you can feel a serious tension between the services in question. The first competitive point for a simple registration process in the system goes to ECIR. Creating an account in this service for new users will be much faster, as they will need to fill in only three required fields. It will take you much more time to register with YTbot - here you will need to specify more user data.

2. Usability of the platforms

In terms of site design, both platforms demonstrate decent work quality. Web-resources of systems quickly load in browsers, and all available functions are easily mastered in minutes even by those users who previously did not work with either ECIR or YTbot. Usability of both platforms is at a high level, so this time we give points to both services at once.

3. Functionality of the system

And this criterion of comparison the leadership remains after YTbot. The reason for this is the larger number of platforms on which this system can carry out the cheating. Despite the fact that ECIR continues to expand a number of its functional capabilities, YTbot presents products for a larger number of social networks and popular Internet resources. It is possible that in the future the functionality of the compared systems will be equivalent. But in the meantime we state the superiority of YTbot in this aspect and give it one point.

4. Quality of services provided

In this criterion, leadership is overtaken by ECIR. In the assortment of this store are presented only high-quality goods, actual at the time of the order and available for purchase by customers. Alas, YTbot cannot boast of such quality of services. In the list of goods available for order, there are products that are not available for purchase or are of poor quality. Because of this, we have no reason to give points to both services. This time the award only the online store ECIR.

5. Cost of services

The roller coaster continues - the YTbot service again intercepts the initiative in the review. It is possible thanks to a lower price for similar services than in the ECIR store. Perhaps, this cost was affected by the quality of the store's services, but it's not worth it. The fact is that the goods in YTbot are worth less than in ECIR, so the point in this criterion goes to the first service.

6. Cheating speed

Our comparison flows into a more relaxed stage: the compared services start to show almost similar results, due to which they start synchronously receive points. This also applies to the speed of the cheating system. When ordering goods in ECIR and YTbot, you can be sure that in the end you will receive qualitatively promoted accounts in social networks in the shortest time. For this, we reward both platforms with points at the same time.

7. Payment options

This aspect again shows us the approximate equality of the compared services. Both ECIR and YTbot support payment for their services through the PayPal payment resource, as well as through a number of other electronic money transfer systems. The variety of options for buying products from the online stores compared gives us the opportunity to grant a point to both services.

8. Fast execution of orders

And here we see the equality again: this time we failed to identify the leader in the matter of speed of execution of the services ordered by users. Cheating, purchased in ECIR or YTbot, begins immediately after the customers of the services pay for their purchases. The speed of execution of orders in the compared services gives us the right to award them both with a point.

9. Availability of the mobile version

Already the fourth criterion in a row where we observe the equality between the compared services. This time it is related to the work of mobile versions of the sites of the analyzed systems. If you work with ECIR or YTbot through your gadget, you can still order the product you need to cheat in social networks and pay for it without any problems. Well, we are not greedy - since both services again demonstrate high performance in their work, we do not regret to award them with points again.

10. Support team work

The final comparison criterion brought a point to only one service. The online store ECIR was lucky to get it. Contacting their technical support team is simple: just fill out a special form on the system's website and send the created message to the team. It is more difficult to establish contact with the technical support of YTbot. Users are invited to write a letter to the specified email address or contact Skype for advice. It takes YTbot quite a long time to respond to messages - customers can wait up to 36 hours. Therefore, for the technical support, we can award a point to only the online store ECIR.


This comparison slowly but surely comes to an end. There are only some formalities left - the calculation of the points received by the services and the announcement of the winner. All the points distributed during the comparison, we put in one table.

We state the obvious - the ECIR platform wins in our today's comparison with a score of 8:7.


This comparison was going pretty tensely. Services demonstrated themselves as worthy opponents to each other, and the struggle between them lasted up to the very last criterion. So, despite the victory of ECIR in the conducted comparative review, we still can call YTbot a quality resource for promotion in social networks.

Both services convinced us that they have their own unique features and advantages over competitors. Although YTbot won in such important criteria as the functionality of the system and the cost of goods, this was not enough to win in general. ECIR gained the upper hand in comparison with its cool features - simple registration, high-quality services and reliable technical support team. Once again, this was enough for our online store to be the winner of the comparison.

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