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ECIR vs. Top4SMM: service comparison

How about another comparison?

We continue our work. At this particular time, this refers to the rubric in which we compare the capabilities of the most advanced online stores in the world, offering their users promotion on social networks. As you might have already understood, one of the participants in our comparisons remains with us constantly. We are talking about the ECIR platform, which is the main protagonist of the published reviews. Today, its rival was the online store Top4SMM. It also works in the field of promotion on social networks and offers its services to users from around the world. A little sneak peek for you about the result of the comparison - this time there will be a lot of tension So, let's not waste time and start the review.

1. Easy signup

Getting started with the services reviewed today will not be a difficult task for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the services of promotion on social networks. For registration in ECIR and Top4SMM systems, you only need to specify your email address, and also create a login with a password for the profile to be created. After filling in all the registration fields, you will be able to create a personal account on the platforms and proceed to the promotion process. Obviously, for the first criterion we will give points to both resources.

2. Usability of the platforms

The architecture of the systems is arranged at the highest level. Sites ECIR and Top4SMM are well executed from the user experience point of view, all logics of the order is thought out to such an extend that even those who have never dealt with such services before can understand the tricks of buying services for promotion. Therefore, we can name the usability of both platforms high-quality and friendly for all users. This gives us the right to once again reward both of the compared resources with points.

3. Functionality of the system

For this criterion awarding points to both services at once will not work. The whole reason for it is a very noticeable differences in the functionality. Top4SMM offers its customers a very limited set of products - just services for promotion on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The ECIR functionality is several times wider. Here you can find services that help you promote accounts not only in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), but also in instant messengers (Telegram), music services (SoundCloud, Spotify, Shazam) and other resources (YouTube, Tumblr). For such a wide range of services ECIR gets one more point.

4. Quality of services provided

Again, there is no equality between the compared services. Top4SMM posted a notice for users, indicating that some services may take long or be of poor quality due to problems with the platform servers. ECIR does not have a similar problem. All products presented in this system help to conduct a high-quality and effective promotion. It seems that you already understood that the next point in the current comparison will again go to the ECIR scorecard.

5. Cost of services

In our review, there is an unexpected twist. Now the initiative is intercepted by Top4SMM. This was achieved because of the lower cost of services, similar to the ones of ECIR. If for you the question of an acceptable price is very important, then you know which promotion service to give your preference to. We give one point to Top4SMM.

6. Promotion speed

Still, ECIR aimes to earn another point. This time, it receives the point for a faster promotion speed, which is available to users of this online store. On average, ECIR services are performed 30-40% faster than services in Top4SMM. We can not explain this fact, since we do not have details of the internal operation of the compared systems. But the fact remains that the speed of promotion in ECIR is much higher, for which we award platform with another point.

7. Payment options

The struggle reaches its apogee: the Top4SMM service does not want to lose to ECIR and earns one more point. The reason for this success is simple - a wider set of payment instruments. Top4SMM accepts payment for its services through a number of systems available in individual countries, and almost all over the world.

ECIR payment methods are more modest. The clients of the service can only top up their accounts through PayPal and VISA / MasterCard bank cards. Now you understand why Top4SMM has fully deserved its score in this criterion.

8. Fast execution of orders

In this criterion a draw is fixed. User's money transfers are processed very quickly, because ECIR and Top4SMM use only the fastest payment systems. This gives us the right to give each of the services a score.

9. Availability of the mobile version

Want to order promotion, but cannot quickly get to the computer? With ECIR and Top4SMM, you may not be afraid of this problem, because these systems work on smartphones and tablets due to the presence of mobile versions of their sites. Perhaps, for this they are both worthy to get one more point.

10. Support team work

And in the last criteria we again observe equality between compared services. The structure of the technical support services of ECIR and Top4SMM is built on the same principle: on the site of services there are special forms that are offered to users to reach out to the service and share the essence and detailed description of their problem. After that, you just need to send your message, and the service staff will respond to it in a short time and will help to eliminate any problems related to the use of the systems. For this we can only give ECIR and Top4SMM points at the same time.


The comparison is over - all the criteria have been studied, and deserved points are distributed to the compared services. We only need to count the points given, with the help of a special table.

A persistent comparison is over, the winner still is determined. With a score of 8:7, the online store ECIR won this battle.


It's worth admitting that there were not so many interesting comparisons in our blog for a long time. Service Top4SMM made almost impossible. But the miracle still did not happen, despite the fact that the serious struggle continued until the very last point.

The victory in comparison went to ECIR due to the products presented on it. More extensive functionality, quality services and fast execution of the promotion process - that's what helped the online service to prevail in this tight comparison. Of course, Top4SMM also had its own strong points, but the advantages of ECIR were greater. In the end, we came to this result - the victory of our online store in a tough but fair fight.

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