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ECIR vs. SMM-Heaven: service comparison

We are happy to present to you another comparison.

It has been exactly one week since the last time we introduced you to a new comparison of social media promotion services. This means that it is high time to share with you another article of the same topic. The lead roles in the new comparison will again be occupied by two resources. One of them is constantly with us - this is the ECIR online store. The service that accompanies it this time will be the service SMM-Heaven, one of the largest players in the market of promotion on social networks. The criteria for comparison have not changed since the last time, and therefore let's get down to business and begin our new comparison.

1. Easy signup

First, let's look at the process of creating an account in the compared systems. Registering with ECIR is quick and easy. You only need to specify the current email address, as well as come up with a username and password. After that you can proceed to the order of the services you need in the store.

Registration on SMM-Heaven takes quite a while. You will have to fill out a bunch of additional fields, without which the process of creating a new account could easily be dispensed with. However, it is possible that all the data mentioned above are too necessary for the administration of the resource for better work. Nevertheless, for the ease of registration, we can award only ECIR with a score.

2. Usability of the platforms

The convenience of working with the analyzed services also varies. While all the subtleties of working with ECIR can be mastered very quickly, you will have to get used to working with SMM-Heaven. Platform usability is not the least affected by their design. The elements of the ECIR website are clear and straightforward, and the SMM-Heaven web resource is quite difficult to learn for the first time. Therefore, we again recognize the advantage of one service over another in a single criterion. This time the score is again received by ECIR.

3. Functionality of the system

This time the initiative is taken by SMM-Heaven. This service has the widest range of functionality. Its customers can order promotion on social networks and other popular online resources, to buy services, through which it will be possible to raise the level of traffic on any website. The functionality of ECIR is also quite wide, but in this respect SMM-Heaven is way more versatile and absolutely deserves to get the first point in the current comparison.

4. Quality of services provided

The gap between the services again increases to two points. It's all about the different quality of the goods presented on the compared resources. ECIR offers its customers only high-quality services with guaranteed final result, while in the range of SMM-Heaven there is promotion services without a guarantee and with poor quality of execution. It is quite logical that this time it is not necessary to speak about equality between the platforms. Another point goes to ECIR.

5. Cost of services

But SMM-Heaven doesn't even think to giving up. It again manages to win back one point due to the lower cost of the goods presented in its assortment. It is possible that this is due to the difference in quality, but we could not figure out the reason for such cheap prices compared to ECIR services. Let's award SMM-Heaven with another well-deserved point.

6. Promotion speed

The rollercoaster in the distribution of points continues. As you might have guessed, this criterion is won by ECIR. The success in the current aspect of the comparison was brought to this service thanks to a higher rate of promotion: custom orders are executed exactly at the agreed time and without any slip at the start. In SMM-Heaven, not all products allow you to quickly promote accounts in social networks, and therefore the point goes to ECIR this time.

7. Payment options

And one more unexpected move - this criterion remains after SMM-Heaven because this service offers more options for paying for orders. It is also quite simple to top up your account with ECIR, but the list of payment instruments brings a point to only one platform.

8. Fast execution of orders

Finally, we have equality in a criterion: in the speed of fulfilling user orders, neither ECIR nor SMM-Heaven have any problems. The whole process of buying goods on these services is processed quickly, which gives us the right to give a point to both of the platforms.

9. Availability of the mobile version

As a part of the current comparison, we managed to test the work of both platforms on smartphones and tablets. They passed the test without any difficulties due to the presence of a mobile version of the sites, both ECIR and SMM-Heaven. Clients of these services can order the goods they need for promotion wherever and whenever it will be convenient for them. Therefore, we can award both considered resources with points for this criterion.

10. Support team work

Both platforms compared today offer their users simple ways to communicate with their technical support staff. You can write a message to service staff right on the resource sites - there are special feedback forms located there. The response comes very quickly, which allows you to quickly solve the problems that arise when using ECIR and SMM-Heaven. For this, we give a score to both services.


This was the last criterion of our comparison. And now we will go to the final part of the review - the calculation of points and the determination of the winner. All points received by the services you can see in the table below.

The result of this review was a difficult, but deserved, victory of the ECIR online store, achieved with a minimal advantage - 7: 6 in its favor.


Yes, it was a really interesting comparison. The initiative was moving from one service to another, so that both of them were close to each other till the very end. A good illustration of the struggle between ECIR and SMM-Heaven was the last three points, in which both platforms earned points simultaneously. It was difficult to choose the best of them, but the figures showed the result - a slight advantage of our online store still remained, so it was able to defeat its opponent in this review.

SMM-Heaven had chances to win. This service was able to convince us of the quality of its work due to a wide range of functionality, reasonable prices for goods and a wide choice of payment methods. But for victory there are few such serious advantages. It was difficult to register at SMM-Heaven, it was not easy to get comfortable with it, and the quality of some services left much to be desired. Moreover, the speed of promotion from this resource was really slow. To sum up, all these shortcomings led to the fact that SMM-Heaven could not win. Well, ECIR now has another victory in our series of comparisons.

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