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ECIR vs. Retention Panel: service comparison

Were you waiting for a new comparison?

The week is coming to an end and this means it is the time to get acquainted with one more article from our traditional rubric. We again compare online stores that offer their customers products for promotion on social networks. Today in our comparison the ECIR service will take part again. This time the role of its opponent will be taken by the Retention Panel platform. Both resources have been involved in promotion of accounts in social networks for more than one year, and therefore today's review will for sure become a confrontation between two strong platforms with considerable experience in their field of activity.

1. Easy signup

So, our comparison begins. As usual, we start it with an analysis of the convenience of registration in the systems ECIR and Retention Panel. As it turned out, it is not difficult to create a new account in both of the systems under consideration. To do this, it is enough to specify a minimum of necessary information: your current email address and the password for the new account. After the end of registration, the user can immediately go to the selection of the necessary products for the promotion. As you might have guessed, for the simplicity in creating new accounts, points are received by both of the compared services.

2. Usability of the platforms

Using the ECIR and Retention Panel systems was very convenient. No overly obscure features were found on the resource sites. Platforms were very understandable for getting used to, and the process of selecting the right products and their order took only a couple of minutes. For usability, which is at a very high level, we can grant two points to both platforms simultaneously.

3. Functionality of the system

We acknowledge the obvious fact - the leadership in this criterion remains completely after the Retention Panel. Despite the fact that the functionality of ECIR is very wide and diverse, in the current aspect of comparison they lose to the competitor's functionality. Retention Panel offers more than ten different social networks and popular Internet services, for which they receive from us one more point.

4. Quality of services provided

Luckily, in this regard each of the platform looks impressive - the products presented in the assortment are distinguished by a high level of their quality. Promotion conducted with their help brings significant results for the boost of accounts in social networks. For this reason, we don't  have a different way out, except to award ECIR and Retention Panel with a point.

5. Cost of services

In the middle of the comparison, ECIR managed to recoup. An important point for service brought a more moderate cost of its goods. If you compare options that are present in the assortment of two compared services, it becomes obvious that the prices in the Retention Panel are higher than those of its review opponent. The outcome of such a difference is logical - the ECRI wins a score.

6. Promotion speed

In terms of the efficiency of the promotion, the two services compared proved to be the best. User services are performed promptly, which allows you to quickly promote the accounts. At the same time, there is no delay with ECIR or Retention Panel. This gives us the right to give one point on both platforms.

7. Payment options

And now it's impossible to award two services with points at the same time. Alas, the variety of payment methods of ECIR and Retention Panel varies. The first service offers its users the possibility of top up the user account balance via bank cards or Paypal, while the second one has only integration with the already mentioned payment system and the platform of crypto-currency payments CoinPayments. The last payment method is still in test mode, so we can give only ECIR a score under the current criterion.

8. Fast execution of orders

This time, the winner at a single moment of comparison could not be determined. Both ECIR and Retention Panel process the transfer of funds with which users top up their accounts on the services as soon as possible. This speed allows you to quickly proceed to the execution of orders made by customers. Well, now we have every right to give points to both platforms.

9. Availability of the mobile version

Having tested the work of mobile versions of ECIR and Retention Panel, we were able to ensure the high quality of these platforms on gadgets. Sites of services open quickly even not on the most powerful smartphones and tablets. This allows users of the resources under consideration to order the promotion of accounts in social networks anywhere and anytime. Thus, in another aspect of comparison, the systems analyzed were equal and each received a score.

10. Support team work

The last criterion didn't show equality between the services compared today. This was affected by a different level of convenience with the technical support services resources. It is much easier to contact ECIR support staff: a special form is available on the platform's website, with the help of which the user can create their requests to the site representative. In the Retention Panel, you will not find anything like this - on the web page of the service they simply specify the email address where you need to contact technical support staff for the resource. Therefore, for the final comparison criterion, we can give a score only to ECIR.


That's all - both services have been analyzed for all the given criteria, and we only need to calculate the points that were given. To do this, we will use a good old table.

The result of the comparison is in front of you. The points clearly state the victory of the ECIR service with a final score of 9:7.


Despite the fact that the gap between the services compared today was very noticeable, we cannot call this review boring. Retention Panel has shown itself as a great competitor and even for some time was the leader in the course of comparison. Nevertheless, the ECIR had enough strength to get ready, catch up and get another victory.

Although the Retention Panel also can boast a wide range of functionality, it still lacked the benefits of other criteria. ECIR turned out to be better in terms of the cost of goods, the paying options for user orders and the convenience of communication with the technical support staff of the platform. You agree, that these are important aspects of the online store on the promotionon social networks, don't you. ECIR this time excelled in them, and so deservedly won in one more comparison.

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