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ECIR vs. GetSMMServices: service comparison

Let's see the difference.

So, it's time to get service comparisons to a new level. Now the ECIR platform will be compared with the largest online stores in the world, offering help with promotion on social networks. We start a series of comparisons with an overview of the features of our store and the resource GetSMMServices. This service is positioned by its creators as the best project on the whole Internet, which provides online promotion services. Do you think this is true? Our today's article will help you to prove it.

1. Easy sign up

The differences between the analyzed services become noticeable right from the first comparison criterion. Creating a new account in the GetSMMServices system requires a lot of extra steps. The standard combination of the email address and the password is not enough.

In ECIR, a minimum amount of time is spent on registration. You can create your account on the system you in less than a minute. Therefore, the point for the ease of sign up goes to ECIR.


2. Usability of the platforms

It is not difficult to use the sites of these platforms. Usability of ECIR and GetSMMServices systems is at a high level, so that even newly registered customers of these services can quickly understand all their functionality. This gives us the right to give points to both analyzed projects.

3. Functionality of the system

In terms of functionality GetSMMServices is again inferior to ECIR. To be more exact, it is incorrect to compare the functionality of these services. The fact is that GetSMMServices provides a greater degree of services for cheating traffic for any Internet resources, not only for social networks. But if you compare the similar options of the two services, then the advantage of ECIR becomes obvious. This service allows you to boost several types of user activity in all the most popular social networks, for which it receives another point.

4. Quality of services provided

By this criterion, it was not possible to single out the leader among the two compared services. ECIR and GetSMMServices provide their customers with only high-quality cheating services, with which they quickly manage to promote the necessary accounts. In case of any malfunctioning in the services that may affect the quality of the goods, the platform clients are promptly notified. We have only one way out - to give points to both services.

5. Cost of services

Comparing the price for the corresponding goods in ECIR and GetSMMServices is somehow incorrect. The reason for this is a huge difference in the price policy of services. ECIR sells its goods at extremely low prices (which does not affect the quality of products), while GetSMMServices has raised the price tags for its services to some sort of transcendental level. At the same time, as we have already explained, the quality of the promotion in the compared resources remains comparable.

In this criterion, obviously ECIR is more advantageous, for which it receives another point.

6. Cheating speed

In terms of speed, the services considered today show similar indicators. The cheating through ECIR and GetSMMServices is characterized by high speed and quality of execution. Users who ordered products in these online stores, get their accounts on social networks promote to a specified degree and in a timely manner. Since the best in this criterion could not be identified, the points once again go to both platforms.

7. Payment options

With the methods of topping up a personal account in the service GetSMMServices at the time of writing the comparison, things were not very good. The main payment tool of the resource, the PayPal platform, has ceased to be supported by the system. Because of this, the clients of the project began to experience difficulties with payment for purchases and were forced to use other ways of topping up their personal account.

Service ECIR offers its users not only more ways to pay for goods, but also quickly fixes any problems with the available payment tools. This gives us the opportunity to give the platform one more point.

8. Fast execution of orders

The speed of implementing custom orders is equally high in both ECIR and GetSMMServices. Customers need only top up their account, select the right products, specify the preferred payment option and pay for their purchase. Processing an order and proceeding to its execution begins almost instantly. As you understand, the scores for this criterion are given to both services.

9. Availability of the mobile version

Work with ECIR and GetSMMServices remains convenient even through smartphones and tablets. It's all about mobile versions of the sites of these resources, which quickly adapt to any gadget used by the user for authorization. At the same time, the speed of opening is not affected by the use of a smartphone or tablet - fast loading speed is available even for those who use a weak Internet connection. For a high-quality mobile version, a score is obtained by both compared services.

10. Support team work

In terms of the work of technical support, the services analyzed today are pretty equal. Note that this is a positive equality - the service staff responds promptly to complaints and requests sent to them by users, and then quickly solve all problems and respond to user questions. Thanks to this, any difficulties with the use of platforms can be resolved in the shortest possible time. Quality work of technical support services brings one point to ECIR, and one to GetSMMServices.


Now it's time to count the points in the comparison. In this we take advantage of the table, in which all the points received by the services are entered.

The final result shows the victory of the online store ECIR. It managed to overdo the platform GetSMMServices with a score 10:6.


It seems that the words about the high quality of the work of GetSMMServices have been refuted by today's comparison. This platform has a number of critical drawbacks. First, the system is distinguished by an unsuccessful registration scheme, which must be reduced at least twice. Secondly, the functionality of GetSMMServices also leaves much to be desired. Although it allows you to increase traffic to any web resource, but to twist them in social networks, they are offered very few options. Finally, thirdly, the issue of payment plays a role. The prices for GetSMMServices services are very high, and not all declared ways of replenishment of the user account are opened for clients.

Undoubtedly, this platform has its advantages. With the help of GetSMMServices you can increase the number of downloads of mobile applications and improve the level of attendance of absolutely any sites. But this service cannot provide high-quality service in social networks. For it, we recommend that you contact the online store ECIR. Here you will find a wide range of products, a user-friendly site and low prices, coupled with a large number of payment options.

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