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ECIR vs. Followiz: service comparison

We are glad to present you a new comparison.

Are you ready for a new comparison? If not, then it's high time to, because a fresh review is already right in front of you. We continue comparing the ECIR online store with other services of the same kind. As you might have already learned from other comparisons, we have now moved our rubric to an international level. The fact is that ECIR has started to compete with social networking platforms that offer their services to users from all over the world. Today it's the turn of Followiz. Both platforms participating in this review have been for more than a year selling products, with which you can promote accounts in social networks. We are confident that this comparison will be the battle of two truly strong rivals.

1. Easy signup

Working with the systems considered today is not be possible without creating an account in them. The registration process in the services is not equally convenient. In ECIR, you will need to specify the minimum required data - an email address, as well as a login and password for the account you are creating. In Followiz, registration takes more time and requests more information. Therefore, only ECIR is awarded with a point for the first criterion of today's comparison.

2. Usability of the platforms

In terms of the convenience of working with platforms, both systems analyzed today are more than efficient. We managed to study all their possibilities and understand the rules for ordering goods for promotion in just a couple of minutes. If difficulties arise in mastering the functionality of ECIR or Followiz, users can explore the knowledge bases of resources in which there are certain solutions to their problems. Now we have every right to give a point to both services.

3. Functionality of the system

Though the next criteria doesn't show the equality between the services. The functionality of the systems is not equivalent, as Followiz offers a lot more options for promotion than ECIR. Despite the fact that the functionality of the second service continues to expand in this regard, it cannot yet compete with its review opponent. In Followiz, you can order not only promotion on social networks and on popular online platforms, but also increase the traffic of your website. It is clear that for this we should award this service with a point.

4. Quality of services provided

Still, ECIR doesn't give up and keeps up with Followiz. The range of this online store contains only high-quality products with a guarantee of the final result of promotion. In Followiz, customers are warned in advance that some services may be performed with the risk of breakdown and subsequent additional promotion, which will take extra time. Perhaps you will agree with us that this time only ECIR should receive a point.

5. Cost of services

Followiz does not think to fall behind too much. Now it manages to win back one more point due to the value of its goods. The comparison showed that the prices for services in this platform are kept at a lower level compared to ECIR. Therefore, if you are more interested in cheap products for promotion on social networks, then pay attention to Followiz. This criterion brings the service another point.

6. Promotion speed

The struggle between services is heating up, and equality in criteria has not been observed for a long time. Not even now: promotion process in the analyzed projects is carried out at different speeds. While in ECIR the execution of user orders starts immediately after the payment and is carried out in a strictly fixed time, in Followiz there may be delays at the start of operations and pauses during their execution. You could already guess which of the two indicated resources will remain with a point this time.

7. Payment options

Do you think that Followiz will equalize the score again, as it has happened more than once during the current comparison? No, the situation is exactly the opposite: ECIR has strengthened its advantage. To pay for the purchase of goods in this service, users can choose their bank cards or PayPal. In Followiz, the selection of payment instruments is not so versatile: customers of the platform can only choose between the Perfect Money service and payment by cryptocurrency. Not surprisingly, ECIR again manages to win another point.

8. Fast execution of orders

Almost forgotten equality between the compared services finally can be seen. Payment for goods in ECIR and Followiz is processed very fast, which allows systems to confirm the successful transfer of user funds in the shortest possible time and proceed straight to the execution of their orders. In this situation we can only give a point to both systems at once.

9. Availability of the mobile version

If you need to order promotion in ECIR or Followiz, but have only a smartphone or tablet at hand, then you will not experience any problems. The sites of these projects have long acquired mobile versions that are loaded quickly, even without a high-speed Internet connection. Another comparison criterion does not reveal a leader - points are awarded to both resources.

10. Support team work

If you have problems with ordering in ECIR or Followiz, you can feel free to contact the technical support teams of these services. Submitting a request to them is easy (a convenient feedback form is available on the services websites), and the prompt response to customer messages is kept at a high level. Therefore, we again give a point to each of the two projects at once.


It's time to sum up the comparison and get the results. All points awarded by use were summed up, which you can see in the table below.

The result of the comparison is in front of you - with the final score of 8:6, the victory goes to the ECIR online store.


In terms of intrigue, today's comparison has definitely succeeded. ECIR and Followiz constantly intercepted the initiative from each other, the distance in points between them increased and decreased to a minimum. But the second half of the comparative review was definitely led by ECIR - the service was able to go a long way and never let the opponent back to it. In the end, all these efforts resulted in the well-deserved victory of our online store.

Nevertheless, we still cannot fail to mention the strengths of the work of Followiz. Firstly, this service offers a wide range of functionality for a vast variety of promotion types. Secondly, the prices for platform services are pretty low, which users will certainly appreciate. Alas, these advantages of Followiz were not enough to cling to the victory in today's comparison. Well, ECIR online store has once again confirmed its status as a platform that provides its users only high-quality and useful products for promotion on social networks.

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