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ECIR vs. CenterCB: service comparison

Are you ready for comparison with us?

We continue doing a very important business - comparing ECIR online store with other similar services. If you read our previous review, you already know that the comparison has now reached a new level. ECIR is now competing with the stores providing promotion in social networks operating on the international market. This time it is the CenterCB platform. Let's find out which of the two resources mentioned above is more suitable for promotion in social networks.

1. Easy signup

In this criteria we did not see the equality between the services. You can register in the ECIR system very simply (just fill in three fields), while it will take you more time to create an account on the CenterCB platform. In addition to login, e-mail address and password, you will have to provide your name and surname, login to Skype, and also additionally confirm the selected password. Simplicity of registration in CenterCB is not observed, so the point goes to ECIR.

2. Usability of the platforms

This criterion did not reveal the leader among the compared systems. The reason for this lies in the fact that the usability of both platforms is kept at a high level, so that users of ECIR and CenterCB can easily understand all the functionality of the services and quickly navigate in order to purchase the offered products. So, this time we give a point to both online shops.

3. Functionality of the system

Despite the fact that it was not easy to draw a parallel in this criterion between the two compared services, we still did our best to do it. It turned out that ECIR offers its users products for promotion in more popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and demanded Internet resources (YouTube, Shazam, Tumblr, SoundCloud). The functionality of CenterCB can also boast a variety of offered services, but it includes products for the specified social networks, and for less-popular platforms (Pinterest, Dailymotion). Therefore, this time only ECIR receives a point.

4. Quality of services provided

In this respect, both comparable platforms demonstrate similar results. This became possible due to the fact that in the assortment of ECIR and CenterCB there are only high-quality services, actual at the time of purchase. The ordered cheating services in these systems are quick and efficient - as you know, for this we are have to give a point to each of the platforms.

5. Cost of services

So we got to the criterion in which CenterCB service was able to prove itself in all its glory. The prices for the goods for cheating in this service are lower than the similar services presented in the assortment of ECIR. Therefore, if your goal is saving on ordering, then you already know which platform you need to pay more attention to. For the lower cost of goods in CenterCB, we award this service with a point.

6. Cheating speed

According to this criterion, both analyzed stores are approximately equal. It takes almost the same time for the ordered services to be performed in full. Problems with the speed of carrying out all the operations acquired by users do not arise either in the ECIR or in the CenterCB, for which both services receive a point.

7. Payment options

There is not a variety of payment options available to users of CenterCB. Users of the service can choose only two methods of paying for the purchased goods: through the Perfect Money system and with the help of their cryptocurrency purse.

For ECIR customers, there are many more payment methods available. The number of ways available on the service includes the transfer of funds through the most popular payment system in the world - PayPal. Apparently, this time only ECIR gets a point.

8. Fast execution of orders

And again we return to equality. Orders in both services are performed at high speed. Systems begin to execute the order immediately after users pay for it. Given that the transfer of funds is very fast, the orders themselves are transferred to their execution within the shortest possible time. For this we award a point to both - ECIR and CenterCB.

9. Availability of the mobile version

Do you want to purchase the necessary services for cheating on social networks, but you cannot get to your computer? It does not matter - with ECIR and CenterCB you can work even through smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the availability of a mobile version of their sites, these platforms are easily opened on any gadgets and are quickly loaded even with a low-speed Internet connection. This gives us the right to reward both services with points again.

10. Support team work

The technical support services of both platforms compared today are functioning almost impeccably. Employees of ECIR and CenterCB provide their clients with all the necessary assistance in resolving the problems encountered during the orders, as well as advising on issues related to cheating on social networks. If you purchase the services of these resources, you can rest assured that in addition you will receive high-quality technical support from the platform employees. For this, both ECIR and CenterCB deserve a point.


Now we have one very important task - to calculate the points received by the services and identify the winner of the comparison. First, we will add all the points to our comparative table.

The victory in today's comparison remained for ECIR. Service CenterCB was defeated with a score of 9:7.


Based on the system usability, functionality and appearance of CenterCB service, we recalled the GetSMMServices platform, which opposed ECIR in our previous comparison. These two resources are so similar that one can assume that one of them is a dealer of another project. Perhaps this is actually the case, but the results in the review by the last two opponents of the ECIR were different.

CenterCB had more strengths than the already mentioned GetSMMServices. Today's participant in the comparison distinguished itself by more moderate prices for services, good functionality and high quality of the services offered. However, to win in comparison this still was not enough. Online store ECIR once again showed that in many ways it exceeds the most popular services engaged in cheating in social networks.

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