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ECIR vs. BulkFollows: service comparison

We strongly advise you to read this article - the comparison turned out to be pretty entertaining.

Here it is - a new comparison. The tension in between the online stores engaged in the sale of services for promotion on social networks does not seem to weaken. The scheme for going through the review is still the same: we take two services and compare them to each other according to ten predetermined criteria. Moreover, one of the resources involved in the comparison remains the same. This is the online store ECIR.

Its rival this time will be the BulkFollows platform. On the website of this platform it is indicated that it has been working in the area of ​​promotion on social networks for more than five years, which allowed it to significantly improve the skills of fulfilling user orders. Will this bring victory to BulkFollows? Let's find out the answer to this question together.

1. Easy signup

Do both services compared today offer their users a simple and fast registration process? Alas, but no. In ECIR, creating a new account will take you less than a minute: you only need to specify your current email address, as well as the login and the password for your personal account. For some reason, BulkFollows requires you to fill in more fields, many of which are not particularly necessary for getting started with the promotion. For this reason, for the starting aspect of the comparison, we give a point only to the ECIR.

2. Usability of the platforms

Once again, we see the superiority of the ECIR store. While we have been using the stores considered today we have noticed that the usability of their platforms is at unequal levels. In this aspect of comparison, BulkFollows has nothing to boast about - mastering the system and learning how to order the right products are faster and easier in ECIR. For this reason another point goes to it.

3. Functionality of the system

It would seem that the gap of two points at the very start of the comparison should eventually develop into a total defeat. But this was not the case: BulkFollows gathered strength and won back one point. It managed to do this due to a much wider system functionality. Yes, the options for working with ECIR are constantly increasing in quantities, but so far even the equality of the two compared systems in the current criteria is out of the question. So, BulkFollows deserves to get its first point in the review.

4. Quality of services provided

Still, ECIR again takes the initiative and increases the gap between it and its current rival. Studies of the resources involved in today's comparison have shown that the quality of their products is at different levels. ECIR presents only high-quality services for promotion, while on the site BulkFollows there is a warning that not all available options have the guarantee of the desired result. Obviously, the score can be given only one platform.

5. Cost of services

The initiative between the services is moving so rapidly that we cannot stop being amazed. Yes, this criterion demonstrates the advantage of BulkFollows. Products represented in the range of this service are offered to users at lower prices than in ECIR. We will not make a discount on their quality. Instead, we simply state the superiority of BulkFollows in this aspect of comparison and give it a well-deserved point.

6. Promotion speed

Guess what will happen now? Right - we will say again that the services have changed roles, and this time the point was earned by ECIR. There is nothing surprising in this, since the speed of promotion in this service is significantly higher than that of its review opponent. In BulkFollows, delays are possible at the start and during the execution of the ordered operations, so the motives that prompted us to give ECIR another point are pretty clear.

7. Payment options

It seems that this review is not going to show any equality between the services. At least, for this moment has not shown yet. BulkFollows once again reduces the gap in the current comparison and again wins back one point. This allowed it to make a wider range of payment tools presented on the site of the system. So, this point was obtained by BulkFollows.

8. Fast execution of orders

Here comes the long-awaited equality between the compared services. It is observed in such an aspect as the speed of fulfillment of user orders. ECIR and BulkFollows are both good in this regard: due to the fact that these services are integrated with fast-running payment systems, customer funds, which they transfer as payment for their orders, are credited very quickly. This speeds up the execution of the ordered promotion, and gives us the right to award both resources with points at the same time.

9. Availability of the mobile version

While testing the mobile versions of the services considered today, we could not identify the leader among them according to the current criterion. We had several smartphones and tablets with different technical characteristics at hand. On each of these gadgets, mobile versions of the ECIR and BulkFollows sites were launched without any problems. This plays into the hands of these services, because any user who has a device with access to the Internet at hand can work with them. Looks like we will again have to give a point on both resources.

10. Support team work

The final criterion of today's comparative review has once again demonstrated to us that in certain aspects of their functioning ECIR and BulkFollows are equal. This time, equality has affected the quality and speed of these systems. Firstly, it is easy to contact the platform staff — simply fill out a special feedback form located on the project websites. Secondly, the answer from the technical support services comes in a clearly defined time, which helps to quickly solve user problems. For this, we give both ECIR and BulkFollows one point each.


Well, the comparison came to an end smoothly - all the criteria were analyzed, and the points were given to those who deserve them. There is little left to do: to calculate the points received by the services, which are already listed in the table that you see right below.

The long and tense struggle still revealed the winner. With a score of 7:6, the victory in the comparison made today is taken by ECIR.


Not bad, isn’t it? The comparison was really exciting and intriguing. Services have demonstrated all their advantages and constantly fought for the points. Only at the end of the review the situation has stabilized, and the platforms turned out to be equal by several criteria at once. But it still did not affect the determination of the winner - ECIR had enough of the safety factor mined during the comparison in order to win the victory in today's review.

What made it possible for our online store to become the leader in another comparison? The set of advantages turned out to be customary: ECIR won in terms of ease of registration and usability of the system, speed of performance and the quality of goods. The last criterion can be called one of the most important in any comparison. It is not the first time ECIR has won the comparison due to the quality of its services, and therefore we hope that this good tradition will remain in the future.

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