24.12.2018 · 410 views

ECIR API for Resellers

We present you the first version of ECIR API v.10 for Resellers

We have developed our own API for our ECIR platform in order to attract resellers and owners of similar services to promote social networks. If you already have your own business in advertising, SMM and the promotion of social networks - then you can use our software solution to sell our products through automatic integration with our API.

We provide full process automation and transfer most of the data by API. You can create your own service for the sale of goods and services, the same as ECIR and make money on it as well as we earn on our sites.

Using our API, you can integrate our service catalog into your existing service. The ECIR API works on the basis of GET / POST requests. User authorization is made by token, which can be obtained in the settings of your profile.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to provide 24/7 technical support to our resellers, respond instantly and will be happy to optimize our API solutions individually for you.

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