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Digital fraud or how advice from ECIR helps recognizing online scammers

Enough to endure it - it's time to say the final "good-bye" to online scammers

In an effort to earn easy money, some people resort to not the most honest means of earning. If a couple of decades ago, such individuals conducted their business in the real world, now they have begun to seize the digital space. Alas, but scammers made it to the sphere of promotion on social networks.

Dishonest sellers of goods to promote accounts in social networks often offer fast promotion of the page at ridiculous prices, but they should not be trusted. Otherwise, you will only lose your money without receiving anything in exchange except for disappointment. Distinguish scammers and honest online services with the help of out tips.

How to identify a fraudster?

First of all, pay attention to the site of suspicious service. As a rule, pages of fraudulent projects are framed roughly and with a lot of errors. Scammers try to launch their service quickly, but because of this the quality of the product suffers - many links do not work, and some of the described functions are simply missing.

Then study the prices of the products offered. Compare them with the cost of similar products in other services - they should be in about the same price range. Prices that are lower than competitors in 5-10 times hint at the fact that either the resource offers poor-quality services, or tries to cash in on gullible buyers.

Also, be sure to read reviews about the service that causes suspicion. You should be especially cautious in two cases - if there are no customer opinions at all or they are completely positive and monotonous. Honest promotion services allow customers to publish any feedback, even if it is negative.

ECIR is the synonym to ‘’honesty’’

Working with our service, you can rely on the cooperation with us. We are extremely honest with every client and try to work as openly as possible. All the data on the characteristics of our products and their value can be found on the website of our store. We hide nothing from the customers - all the information is right in front of you.

If you still doubt the honesty of our service, then read the reviews of our products from customers already cooperating with ECIR. The opinions they published are true and unique by 100%, since we place opinions only of those users who have already ordered services of promotion in social networks. All the testimonials of ECIR customers can be found in a special section of our website.

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