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6 Social Media Promotion Fails To Avoid in 2018

30% of the world’s population uses at least one social platform

Social is a great way to promote your business, reach your target customers, and engage with them. However, just because many marketers are successful in social media promotions, doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed. Don’t follow the herd. Make sure you completely understand the implications of your social media promotion strategy before you execute it. 

Check out these 6 social media promotion fails that you should avoid in 2018. 

Ignoring Social Data

Simply running a social media campaign isn’t enough. You need to analyze the data to ensure you have made the right decisions. There are several social media analytics tools available which help you to monitor your campaign and get information such as user demographics, location, engagement, impression, growth, daily progress, etc. 

This is very useful for understanding how the target audience engages with your content. Whether your promotion targets an increase in YouTube views or Instagram likes, reviewing social data will always keep you ahead of the competition.

Targeting The Wrong Platform

You need to understand the importance of a particular social platform and how users engage with it. For example, you cannot expect to target business executives or senior corporates on Facebook. LinkedIn is the best platform for this promotion. Similarly, there are different preferences for social platforms in different regions. Do your research and target the right platform for your needs in order to get the best results. 

Ignoring The Value Of Content

Content is king. You have probably heard this statement a lot but do you really understand it? Content should always be focused on delivering a unique perspective and a memorable brand voice. Who wants to engage with ineffective content that is quite forgettable? Analyze your competitors to get an idea of what is working and what isn’t. Then craft the content for making an everlasting impression. 

Focusing On Incorrect Objectives

Social media marketing can be done for achieving various objectives such as conversions, brand awareness, lead generation, increasing followers, etc. But you need to ensure that the right objectives are selected for the right campaign. Only then can you expect to get the desired outcomes. 

Delivering Poor User Experience

If you are redirecting users to a landing page through your social media promotions, then make sure that it offers the best user experience possible. Without a properly optimized, responsive and visually appealing landing page, your social media promotions will not be able to deliver the results you need. Moreover, such incidents will only make you lose potential customers. 

Working With An Unqualified Agency

Not everyone is good with social media marketing. Hence, they hire agencies. But does anyone really take the effort to check if the agency is qualified to deliver the results you need? You should check the agency’s performance, consistency, past track record, and alignment of their strategy with your business’s objectives. This should give you a clear idea of their capabilities.


Social media isn’t rocket science. You just need to understand the user’s expectations, social behavior, engagement and preferences to make all the right decision for your social media promotion. Need help with social media marketing? Talk to our experts and get a completely personalized strategy for beating the competition. 

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