User Reviews
18.08.2018 21:29:16
The best web service ever! I am very lucky I finally found a good social network promoting service. The system is incredibly easy to use and it really helps to promote your social account, to increase the audience! Definitely I will continue to use ECIR as a main promoting tool for my account!
18.08.2018 18:20:19
I had a catastrophic lack of subscribers. The material is very interesting, and it should be encouraged. I had experience working with other services, but they did not really suit me. Faced even with scammers. ECIR, by contrast, is distinguished by the quality of work, the support of its customers, and the reasonable price for services. I will only work with ECIR.
18.08.2018 17:13:08
I was looking for a similar site, but could not choose, because there are a lot of them, and not all of them honestly provide services. Friends recommended ECIR as a reliable and tested service. I ordered "views" and "likes", everything was done perfectly. The site really works and performs its duties.
18.08.2018 16:56:39
ECIR perfectly "strengthens" my social networks. First, I am satisfied with the price. Secondly, this is a quality work. Thirdly, excellent support from site administration. I am pleased with everything.
18.08.2018 16:37:22
To get started, this is what you need. You can very quickly improve your ratings and views. ECIR is the best way to start your success. Here you are guaranteed to get quality work. I recommend to all.
18.08.2018 15:57:38
Great. My friends reccommend this site to me and I'm completely satisfied. Affordable prices for efficient work. If yu need to pump your social media account - ECIR is the best in it. Will highly reccommend to others.
18.08.2018 15:37:51
I've heard a lot of negatives about this site, but I have only a positive experience. The site clearly fulfills its duties, work on the principle of "ordered - received." Quality is excellent, checked personally. The work with the site is 100% satisfied.
18.08.2018 15:17:03
Not bad. I learned from friends about this site. I use the site to cheat views and subscribers. Good, flexible system and reasonable prices. Quite good and courteous support. I'm happy that I turned to ecir.
18.08.2018 14:24:21
Pretty good pumping of my instagram. Laiki and subscribers in unlimited quantities. So easy and fast can only be done in ECIR. And quite inexpensive. If you need something to clarify, the support works fine, communicates willingly and answers all questions.
18.08.2018 11:56:47
A great resource. Impressed by the simplicity and convenience of the interface. Quickly purchased the desired number of subscribers. The main thing that it took a little time. Very reasonable prices.
18.08.2018 10:33:15
The site is just super! Now I have many friends and subscribers. Now there is no problem to promote your content! My ratings and views are growing. This is exactly what I need. Thank you for the quality.
18.08.2018 10:14:33
The site left me with good impressions. With problems, help is coping very well with those support. Very politely and intelligibly explained all the necessary information. I'm glad that I use this site.
18.08.2018 10:07:31
I was looking for a site that did not ask for their services for money. ECIR provides services not worse than similar sites, moreover, for reasonable money. I like the fact that subscribers are real people, not fake pages. Thanks to support - were at the beginning of a misunderstanding how and what, but figured out.
Elena Kazachenko
18.08.2018 09:58:14
Liked the service. Very simple and easy to use. If there are difficulties, then the support is always in touch and is ready to help in solving problems. Problems nebylo, all services are provided qualitatively and on time. Remained only the best vpichchatleniya. To raise the rating and attendance of the site is now very easy.
18.08.2018 09:09:33
For a long time I was looking for a reliable service with which I could cooperate for a long time and quality work was guaranteed. ECIR - meets all my strict requirements. There are all necessary services. This is not at all expensive (believe me, there are sites that charge higher fees). Here the prices are very reasonable, and the quality is at a high level. I recommend.
18.08.2018 08:36:28
Pleasant site. Everything is very conveniently done. I liked the site design and its reputation. I trust him because he has been working in this field for many years. And this is for me the most important thing.
18.08.2018 08:29:21
I liked this site very much. I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it. The mechanism of work is very simple in understanding and very effective. I am pleased that I turned to you.
18.08.2018 08:29:19
I run more than 10 accounts at a time and just can not fill out every required information. The ECIR service helps me with this. There is nothing easier than to order a service, and it is guaranteed to get the result. Laiki, subscriptions, opinions can be obtained for a small fee. And the main thing is quality, these are not thousands of useless empty accounts. Personally, I'm 100% satisfied with the service.
18.08.2018 08:06:51
I doubted that the service really works and is honest. It seemed that for such a small payment qualitatively did not perform work. But still decided to try. Firstly, I ordered 100 subscribers, all came and surprisingly fast. I checked it a bit manually - accounts are not fake and filled as expected. I think the service is trustworthy.
18.08.2018 07:57:40
ECIR gave me a good start in promoting my social networks. Subscribers and opinions come in quality, not counterfeit. It is very clear - how much is ordered so much and done. The use of the service is very convenient and easy. The site is simple and very understandable. The prices are low, so the site is not very expensive to use.