User Reviews
19.08.2018 12:04:39
I am very pleased that I have used the services of this site. Ordered a service to watch videos on YouTube. Everything was done quickly and that the main thing is quality. I'm just shocked, you rarely see such responsibility. I recommend everyone to use the services of ECIR.
19.08.2018 12:01:50
Thanks to my friend for sharing this site with me. ECIR correctly evaluated the situation and solved the problem! Thanks to the service, I became popular, I believed in myself and could earn a lot of money with MINIMUM costs! Thank you again!
19.08.2018 11:58:54
The creation and promotion of a group of products is not easy. Itself no time to deal with this matter, so I turned, on the advice of friends in this company. The result surpassed all expectations. It immediately shows the work of professionals. I will definitely contact more!
19.08.2018 11:54:45
Cooperation with the company left the best impressions. Ordered the promotion of the online store group in Facebook, all tasks are resolved in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the lowest prices on the Internet, which we met.
19.08.2018 11:51:59
Many thanks to this site. All the truth works, and most importantly quickly and very effectively. The number of followers in instagram grows literally every second. Everything is done in a short time. Very grateful.
19.08.2018 11:49:46
Ordered the promotion of Telegram channels dedicated to forex. ECIR did it very qualitatively and quickly. And the most important thing is not expensive (if you compare with others). In short I was very pleased. I am grateful for the service.
19.08.2018 11:46:55
I needed live views on Youtube on my video, I did not know how to do it. I found this site here and helped me a lot, very quickly and casually. Without unnecessary problems. I advise all ECIR, there is not deceived and will do everything as soon as possible. The main thing is that the price does not bite =)
19.08.2018 11:36:02
I decided to create a group of pickups on Facebook. I created, invited my friends to join, I have 98 people. Only one came by))) So think what kind of friends you have. With my girlfriend argued for $ 100 that in 3 days I will have 500 people in my community. I certainly did not tell her about ECIR. So I paid the service and ordered myself 1000 members for 3 days ..))) She lost and I got 100 freebie dollars. But that she was not sulky   I bought her 9 roses and myself a beer.)) Good service all okay!
19.08.2018 11:27:42
I created a channel in Telegram, I wanted to untwist it. Before that I tried to do it on my own, but there was complete nonsense. I risked to order here and was very happy. Very responsive administration, affordable prices, and the speed and quality of performance are simply amazing. The guys work qualitatively and conscientiously. Why did not I use their services before? I would have filled the channel long ago and the sales would be on top. I recommend them with all my heart!
19.08.2018 11:21:58
The service is wonderful, I'm so glad! I honestly did not expect .. it's the Internet .. and all that .. I advise everyone to use their services, you will be satisfied, I assure you) I ordered the likes of Facebook and that you think everything came so quickly that I was in shock! Thought scam, but no) very cool!)
19.08.2018 11:12:45
I created a channel for business in Instagram, of course, there were subscribers and likes on the goods, I decided to order it all here, the result: at an affordable price everything got pretty fast, now my page does not look abandoned, but has a live audience. Service satisfied, I recommend!
19.08.2018 11:07:50
At work gave the task - to create a group in a social network and attract buyers of sports goods. I thought it was easy, but after a week I realized that not everyone is interested, and many simply reject the application. That's when I decided to ask for help from professionals and accidentally stumbled upon the site of ECIR. I am very pleased that I quickly helped in attracting the members of the group, I will use the services of this site more than once.
19.08.2018 11:04:04
I applied to get more votes for a competitive photo, within a day for a photo I got a lot of votes !!! The system works fine and my photo comes first! thanks to the creator of this system!
19.08.2018 10:45:53
I like to use it! It is a very easy way to get new fallowers. Every day my social page begins more popular. I think, my friends will use it too. Only a great team could create a real nice system.
19.08.2018 10:41:31
ECIR is one of the few sites I trust. I have been working with him for a long time, and there is no doubt that he is the best. Everything is always on time. Thank you for stability and reliability. Good luck.
19.08.2018 08:32:52
Hello everybody! So quickly, I have not yet "pumped" my social page. I will continue to use it, and I will recommend it to my friends. Cool site, great customer support and low prices. Thank you!
19.08.2018 07:31:01
I recently found out about this site. Previously, I had to manage manually or use the services of irresponsible sites, but I was not happy with the price and quality. Here I am sure that I will receive exactly what I ordered. "Subscribers" and other services are always performed in full. Everything suits me.
19.08.2018 07:21:44
All perfectly. I've been using the site for a long time. It works honestly and provides high-quality services. Works without failures and delays. if suddenly something happens, you can always contact the customer service and solve everything.
19.08.2018 07:12:50
Great site. It works just fine and clear. I use it and recommend it to everyone. With his help, my social networks began to come to life. Class! I will continue to use only ECIR. I advise everyone to use this wonderful site!
19.08.2018 02:16:52
Very useful services. Has typed 10 000 subscribers in Instagram in a short time. Views and likes really grew. I like convenient to promote social networks through ESRI. Will continue to use again.