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My name is a secret
19.08.2018 18:12:36
Guys fellows. I use services ECIR already where that year, always did not let down. I'll have to advertise you on my blogs =) Now I ordered the next services. I will wait for the result :) Thank you very much and continue with the same enthusiasm.
19.08.2018 18:03:38
Appealed to them for increasing the views on my videos in You Tube. Ordered 1000 views, checked the next day the views were 1190. pleasantly surprised. No deception. Views are real, because there was activity - comments and likes. There are a lot of payment methods. In short, I advise everyone.
19.08.2018 18:00:21
I already ordered 4000 followers on Twitter - all okay. The lead time is 3 days. I ordered several parts and I will order more, I hope the service will not fail. I will also try different social networks.
Merryl Blankenship
19.08.2018 17:55:05
Guys, thank you very much for the service. Everything is very cheap and high-quality, work started just 1 minute after the order. Simply good fellows! Honestly, I did not expect such a high service and low prices. I will continue to cooperate with you.
19.08.2018 17:52:57
I paid the assignment, within 24 hours it was not done. I contacted the support team answered (within a few hours) that the program was crashing, they will restart the task. Immediately went to the reviews and done as a result of 30% more than ordered. In the future I plan to apply if necessary.
Steven Lindsey
19.08.2018 17:49:56
Repeatedly used the services of this site! There were all kinds of things, but any question that aroused was always solved! Good tech. support, well done! Well, the quality of services at a high level, and this is an excellent pledge of good reputation and development! I wish you every success!
19.08.2018 17:47:44
Technical support works well, but there is a single minus - slowly. Increase the number of operators, please, that problems could be solved instantly. Prices are acceptable, and most importantly, subscribers do not fall off after a while. Thank you for attention.
19.08.2018 16:22:20
I needed subscribers for the group on the "earnings" in Facebook. Found this site in the search engine, the prices here are low for Facebook. Ordered, 10 minutes later approved the requests for membership, through time the group increased in search. I will always order here! Thank you!
19.08.2018 15:19:16
Many thanks to you, for your work. Everything you do is great, I will always turn to you only. I still have many ideas and plans, I will count on your help and support. May God grant you health and patience with such "teapots" as I am!
Katrina from Kansas
19.08.2018 14:49:19
Guys, thanks! I honestly did not really believe, and just decided to try - participated in the contest, the result was very important for me. When I paid and updated the page, op! 200 people! was in shock at all))) before it voted only 30 friends, and then this result. thank you!
19.08.2018 14:39:29
I want to express my gratitude for the work of the service and technical support. At the prices of facebook competitors at the moment there. Because of my mistake, I had an opportunity to communicate with the technical support of the service. As a result, some of the money was returned to me, and my audacious tone was adequately received. Support Absolutely stress-resistant :) Thanks!
19.08.2018 14:33:37
I ordered almost simultaneously two tasks, I have no claims for one of them. I liked everything. Everything happened smoothly, looked from the side naturally, as if there was no order.
John Morgan
19.08.2018 14:20:01
At one time I tried different ways to promote groups. Quite a difficult job. With this site everything is much easier. I was pleased with the speed of implementation. You pay money and this money works for you.
19.08.2018 14:12:43
On this site when it turned out everything went differently. Worked with this site for a long period, made 3 projects of groups on facebook on various topics, almost all the groups brought to the top in the search. Excellent service in the ratio of price and quality, it was better to find me, I advise everyone to try.
Robert Baratheon
19.08.2018 14:08:42
We have been working with the service for a very long time, before that we worked with other people who used bots, I would tell the difference between the posts, the bots from the groups were demolished and the groups were banished for this, with the bots only for short periods of the group to promote, this is not reliable. I choose this service!
19.08.2018 13:59:41
It's no secret that at the moment advertising on the Internet (namely social networks) is a powerful force. In a matter of hours, your product can be seen by hundreds of people, among whom, probably, there will be potential customers. I ordered the promotion of the account of instagramm aerography. The page I created quickly replenished with new people who actively entered into the discussion of services and became interested in my proposal. With ECIR everything went quickly, efficiently, inexpensively. I recommend.
Christopher Norman
19.08.2018 12:56:50
Great site, at first thought it would be very long, painfully long as it happens in similar services! But it had absolutely different! For me it was unexpected, so fast promotion in social networks! I have never seen such a thing. The creators of luck and creativity!
Serious Todd
19.08.2018 12:44:58
It was necessary to quickly unleash the infotype in various social networks. I am very glad that I addressed here, after that the flow of customers increased at times. I will not hide, coming here for the first time was surprised by the prices and competent technical support.
19.08.2018 12:39:21
Ordered views on YouTube. The promised number of views quickly appeared under my video! And then the views themselves began to grow rapidly! And people began subscribing to my channel and watching other videos! I was very pleased! Huge THANKS
19.08.2018 12:37:20
Заказал просмотры на ютубе. Обещанное количество просмотров быстро появилось под моим видео! А затем просмотры сами стали стремительно расти! И люди стали подписываться на мой канал и просматривать другие видео! Я остался очень доволен! Огромное СПАСИБ