ECIR.PRO users reviews

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20.08.2018 15:32:07
I use the service for two years. ECIR replaced me with programs that I had previously installed on my computer. It was extremely uncomfortable that the computer had to work all the time. The service has implemented almost all the functions that I need for Vkontakte and Instagram.
Emily Johnson
20.08.2018 15:29:09
Turning to the company, I did not expect that from the creation of the page in the instagram can change the business. After the first month of promotion, a client came to me and recouped full page promotion. I sincerely recommend ECIR!
20.08.2018 15:25:09
More than a year I recommend to my students for low-budget promotion of groups in VKontakte, ECIR service. In my opinion, this is one of the most adequate solutions on the market for Vkontakte.
20.08.2018 15:20:34
There are many services to automate the work in Instagram, but I want to highlight only one of them - ECIR. In the service you can flexibly configure the search of your target audience, cutting off bots, stores and all that you do not need.
Robert McKenzie
20.08.2018 15:14:39
Cooperation with the company began with the promotion of our telegrams of the channel, continued to work as a set of works on Internet marketing. The team took a responsible approach to attracting subscribers. I express gratitude to the whole team for their contribution to the development of our business!
Steven Ward
20.08.2018 15:08:18
During our cooperation with ECIR, our company actually became a monopolist of the German market of wooden frames and non-standard window constructions. Together, we with ECIR have achieved our goals and continue to move on effectively winning new markets.
Marketer Carol
20.08.2018 15:03:21
2 years ago we were looking for a team that will make us an effective promotion in social networks. We chose ECIR. The guys do their work in a high-quality, prompt manner, and most importantly - with understanding what the client wants.
Nobius Agency
20.08.2018 14:59:50
We have scanned about 30 agencies. We stopped at ECIR, because we are impressed by the integrated approach to the production of any service, a positive team and an impressive portfolio. Also, there is always feedback due to clear deadlines and constant communication with the team.
Baldwin Barber
20.08.2018 14:57:15
Thank you to ECIR for directing us in the right direction when we decided to leave offline and go online. We actively started selling franchises, opening franchise establishments. The apogee of our cooperation was the creation of the Instagram page, from which I enjoy the buzz and which brings us conversions.
19.08.2018 18:55:36
Ordered 1000 views and 100 subscribers for trial. All perform perfectly. If there are problems, they are resolved quickly. Those support generally magnificent. On other sites, either you wait for a response in a week, or do not answer at all. I will use further.
19.08.2018 18:50:57
The best site for promotion of social networks! For business, that's it! The main thing that everyone did not know about it) spent about 10 thousand dollars on this site, everything is super! Administration huge respect!
Just a client
19.08.2018 18:48:13
Hello! I want to thank you for your development of the site, your site helps me a lot in my work. Please make a mobile application. It's not convenient to go from the phone to the site, I want a convenient and simple application.
19.08.2018 18:44:44
I do not know how real and true those reviews that were written before me. But, I put the rating 5. I ordered 100 subscribers, then more, as I was convinced that the service was working. If someone reads this review and is skeptical, start just like me - with a small one.
Believe me
19.08.2018 18:41:57
The service can be used for Instagram, SoundCloud and other services, but I did not like working with VKontakte. With subscribers, the trouble is - in a couple of days 40% turn into "doggies".
Cornelius Cam
19.08.2018 18:39:17
I use it for a long time. I use for instagrama. The price / quality ratio suits me. And the most important is democratic prices. Tech support makes me happy, keep the level, always the answer is clear. In general, thanks to the service. Rated 4 out of 5, so there was much to strive for)
19.08.2018 18:35:31
I ordered on this site views on YouTube. Ordered three times for 1000 views. Everything quickly worked up, and even more than about 100 views. Thank you. A wonderful site. I advise everyone!
Your Shadow
19.08.2018 18:27:42
Tech support just handsome! It was already late and was in a great hurry, instead of the likes, I put the dislikes ((wrote in support and they replaced them with me for likes))))) Thank you very much! service super, guys respect for understanding)))
George Barton
19.08.2018 18:23:08
In general, I am very careful about the reviews, but decided to write. Probably the first time! I have no idea how they do it, but what I order - works =) continue in the same spirit. Great service.
19.08.2018 18:21:00
You work well, but only one question. Do not you respect yourself at all? How is it that there are negative reviews on the Internet, and you have on the site almost all ideal? Do not think that I want to offend or harm, I advise ... the service is good but such an attitude with the removal of reviews causes slight disgust.
19.08.2018 18:16:23
This growth of reposts and likes in Vkontakte really work! I bought for the promotion of my young group and got what I wanted for such a low cost. Checked outers own hands. And indeed the order repost Vkontakte works honestly. Accounts are real, people are alive, not fakes. And the group gained popularity in a short time!)