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GENRY 12412
18.12.2018 05:32:57
hi guys, support guy asked me to leave the review here for the extra $$$ on my balance - so all is good, thanks, im working with this platform about a month - all is good. alwayd buying FB likes here
vue mix
14.12.2018 08:50:53
hello. just ordered 1000 likes for FB - just recieved full pack. thanks a lot!!!
pieter levels
13.12.2018 13:46:12
not working.
13.12.2018 13:45:34
its fake. i have tried it for my producthunt twitter accont but they just stop answering my queries and also they have not got me followers.
Good app
27.11.2018 18:06:05
Hey guys, just ordered 10k followers for the IG, all is good, just received full pack! Thanks! Tech support is little bit slow but solve my problems, thanks for the app, will order more soon
03.11.2018 12:02:31
21.11.2018 20:38
please provide more details, thanks!
23.10.2018 18:09:07
doesnt work
21.11.2018 20:37
please provide more details, thanks!
03.09.2018 18:30:16
I had bad days on Youtube for more than half of a year. Then I thought that the reason was I didnt have a lot of subscribers, so people didint trust me. Buying subscribers helped a lot. Now I am really happy with my channel!
03.09.2018 18:26:44
This is an amazing service for promotion of your accounts! I have promoted 2 instagram accounts and now have more than 30 000 real and active followers on both of them! It helps with my business a lot!
31.08.2018 15:54:36
Excellent service for promotion. Subscribers immediately appeared. It is very simple to use this system. Special thanks to the technical support for speedy and fast answers. And also democratic prices.
28.08.2018 12:02:33
I have a healthy lifestyle YouTube channel and I had no real subscribers at the beginning. I knew it was because of lack of promotion, so I used ERIC at this cause and my experience was very good, it was a significant help for the channel and I highly recommend this service.
Ramon V
25.08.2018 14:05:16
If you are looking for a place to optimize your pages on social networks, I think that this service can help you, have acceptable rates and good online support, in addition to the quality of service ... I think you should try it.
23.08.2018 10:09:24
I liked very much to use the service, it's simple and convenient to use, technical support always reacts very quickly to messages, the prices are acceptable and pleasant, I definitely recommend it to all friends.
21.08.2018 14:25:54
Since my childhood I've learned to play the guitar and I was very interested in this. For today, I have my own personal page in instagram with courses on playing the guitar. I used the service several times to promote my video on Youtube and promote the group in Vkontakte. Quality and prices are satisfied. I advise this site to my friends :)
Myra Haynes
20.08.2018 16:44:09
A great system for promotion to Facebook! Thank you for bringing like minded people to my group! Very pleased with the wide spectrum of services and very low prices! I use your services now, and will use it in the future! Thank you!
Dwain Stephens
20.08.2018 16:41:06
I work as a manager in a large consulting firm. Periodically, our clients need promotion in different social networks. Thanks to the company ECIR, we have the opportunity, to order quality services for the best price!
David Cain
20.08.2018 16:30:05
We tried many different services, but a year ago we stopped at ECIR. The service is very rich functionality, flexible settings. None of our accounts were banned. Customer service is the diamond of this service.
20.08.2018 16:24:46
I'm organizing balloon flights. I use ECIR to promote my Instagram account. Very satisfied. Wide functionality. For 4 months in the account was added about 13 thousand subscribers.
20.08.2018 15:52:53
I'm doing photography. Initially, I saw a lot of different services, but each of them did just one thing. In ECIR, I can do everything "from" and "before" and for Instagram and for Vkontakte.
20.08.2018 15:50:31
With ECIR worked quickly, as we had a clear understanding of the action plan. The guys showed a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of our desires. Now we continue to work on the development of the project in the network.