User Reviews
03.09.2018 18:30:16
I had bad days on Youtube for more than half of a year. Then I thought that the reason was I didnt have a lot of subscribers, so people didint trust me. Buying subscribers helped a lot. Now I am really happy with my channel!
03.09.2018 18:26:44
This is an amazing service for promotion of your accounts! I have promoted 2 instagram accounts and now have more than 30 000 real and active followers on both of them! It helps with my business a lot!
31.08.2018 15:54:36
Excellent service for promotion. Subscribers immediately appeared. It is very simple to use this system. Special thanks to the technical support for speedy and fast answers. And also democratic prices.
28.08.2018 12:02:33
I have a healthy lifestyle YouTube channel and I had no real subscribers at the beginning. I knew it was because of lack of promotion, so I used ERIC at this cause and my experience was very good, it was a significant help for the channel and I highly recommend this service.
Ramon V
25.08.2018 14:05:16
If you are looking for a place to optimize your pages on social networks, I think that this service can help you, have acceptable rates and good online support, in addition to the quality of service ... I think you should try it.
23.08.2018 10:09:24
I liked very much to use the service, it's simple and convenient to use, technical support always reacts very quickly to messages, the prices are acceptable and pleasant, I definitely recommend it to all friends.
21.08.2018 14:25:54
Since my childhood I've learned to play the guitar and I was very interested in this. For today, I have my own personal page in instagram with courses on playing the guitar. I used the service several times to promote my video on Youtube and promote the group in Vkontakte. Quality and prices are satisfied. I advise this site to my friends :)
Myra Haynes
20.08.2018 16:44:09
A great system for promotion to Facebook! Thank you for bringing like minded people to my group! Very pleased with the wide spectrum of services and very low prices! I use your services now, and will use it in the future! Thank you!
Dwain Stephens
20.08.2018 16:41:06
I work as a manager in a large consulting firm. Periodically, our clients need promotion in different social networks. Thanks to the company ECIR, we have the opportunity, to order quality services for the best price!
David Cain
20.08.2018 16:30:05
We tried many different services, but a year ago we stopped at ECIR. The service is very rich functionality, flexible settings. None of our accounts were banned. Customer service is the diamond of this service.
20.08.2018 16:24:46
I'm organizing balloon flights. I use ECIR to promote my Instagram account. Very satisfied. Wide functionality. For 4 months in the account was added about 13 thousand subscribers.
20.08.2018 15:52:53
I'm doing photography. Initially, I saw a lot of different services, but each of them did just one thing. In ECIR, I can do everything "from" and "before" and for Instagram and for Vkontakte.
20.08.2018 15:50:31
With ECIR worked quickly, as we had a clear understanding of the action plan. The guys showed a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of our desires. Now we continue to work on the development of the project in the network.
20.08.2018 15:32:07
I use the service for two years. ECIR replaced me with programs that I had previously installed on my computer. It was extremely uncomfortable that the computer had to work all the time. The service has implemented almost all the functions that I need for Vkontakte and Instagram.
Emily Johnson
20.08.2018 15:29:09
Turning to the company, I did not expect that from the creation of the page in the instagram can change the business. After the first month of promotion, a client came to me and recouped full page promotion. I sincerely recommend ECIR!
20.08.2018 15:25:09
More than a year I recommend to my students for low-budget promotion of groups in VKontakte, ECIR service. In my opinion, this is one of the most adequate solutions on the market for Vkontakte.
20.08.2018 15:20:34
There are many services to automate the work in Instagram, but I want to highlight only one of them - ECIR. In the service you can flexibly configure the search of your target audience, cutting off bots, stores and all that you do not need.
Robert McKenzie
20.08.2018 15:14:39
Cooperation with the company began with the promotion of our telegrams of the channel, continued to work as a set of works on Internet marketing. The team took a responsible approach to attracting subscribers. I express gratitude to the whole team for their contribution to the development of our business!
Steven Ward
20.08.2018 15:08:18
During our cooperation with ECIR, our company actually became a monopolist of the German market of wooden frames and non-standard window constructions. Together, we with ECIR have achieved our goals and continue to move on effectively winning new markets.
Marketer Carol
20.08.2018 15:03:21
2 years ago we were looking for a team that will make us an effective promotion in social networks. We chose ECIR. The guys do their work in a high-quality, prompt manner, and most importantly - with understanding what the client wants.
Nobius Agency
20.08.2018 14:59:50
We have scanned about 30 agencies. We stopped at ECIR, because we are impressed by the integrated approach to the production of any service, a positive team and an impressive portfolio. Also, there is always feedback due to clear deadlines and constant communication with the team.
Baldwin Barber
20.08.2018 14:57:15
Thank you to ECIR for directing us in the right direction when we decided to leave offline and go online. We actively started selling franchises, opening franchise establishments. The apogee of our cooperation was the creation of the Instagram page, from which I enjoy the buzz and which brings us conversions.
19.08.2018 18:55:36
Ordered 1000 views and 100 subscribers for trial. All perform perfectly. If there are problems, they are resolved quickly. Those support generally magnificent. On other sites, either you wait for a response in a week, or do not answer at all. I will use further.
19.08.2018 18:50:57
The best site for promotion of social networks! For business, that's it! The main thing that everyone did not know about it) spent about 10 thousand dollars on this site, everything is super! Administration huge respect!
Just a client
19.08.2018 18:48:13
Hello! I want to thank you for your development of the site, your site helps me a lot in my work. Please make a mobile application. It's not convenient to go from the phone to the site, I want a convenient and simple application.
19.08.2018 18:44:44
I do not know how real and true those reviews that were written before me. But, I put the rating 5. I ordered 100 subscribers, then more, as I was convinced that the service was working. If someone reads this review and is skeptical, start just like me - with a small one.
Believe me
19.08.2018 18:41:57
The service can be used for Instagram, SoundCloud and other services, but I did not like working with VKontakte. With subscribers, the trouble is - in a couple of days 40% turn into "doggies".
Cornelius Cam
19.08.2018 18:39:17
I use it for a long time. I use for instagrama. The price / quality ratio suits me. And the most important is democratic prices. Tech support makes me happy, keep the level, always the answer is clear. In general, thanks to the service. Rated 4 out of 5, so there was much to strive for)
19.08.2018 18:35:31
I ordered on this site views on YouTube. Ordered three times for 1000 views. Everything quickly worked up, and even more than about 100 views. Thank you. A wonderful site. I advise everyone!
Your Shadow
19.08.2018 18:27:42
Tech support just handsome! It was already late and was in a great hurry, instead of the likes, I put the dislikes ((wrote in support and they replaced them with me for likes))))) Thank you very much! service super, guys respect for understanding)))
George Barton
19.08.2018 18:23:08
In general, I am very careful about the reviews, but decided to write. Probably the first time! I have no idea how they do it, but what I order - works =) continue in the same spirit. Great service.
19.08.2018 18:21:00
You work well, but only one question. Do not you respect yourself at all? How is it that there are negative reviews on the Internet, and you have on the site almost all ideal? Do not think that I want to offend or harm, I advise ... the service is good but such an attitude with the removal of reviews causes slight disgust.
19.08.2018 18:16:23
This growth of reposts and likes in Vkontakte really work! I bought for the promotion of my young group and got what I wanted for such a low cost. Checked outers own hands. And indeed the order repost Vkontakte works honestly. Accounts are real, people are alive, not fakes. And the group gained popularity in a short time!)
My name is a secret
19.08.2018 18:12:36
Guys fellows. I use services ECIR already where that year, always did not let down. I'll have to advertise you on my blogs =) Now I ordered the next services. I will wait for the result :) Thank you very much and continue with the same enthusiasm.
19.08.2018 18:03:38
Appealed to them for increasing the views on my videos in You Tube. Ordered 1000 views, checked the next day the views were 1190. pleasantly surprised. No deception. Views are real, because there was activity - comments and likes. There are a lot of payment methods. In short, I advise everyone.
19.08.2018 18:00:21
I already ordered 4000 followers on Twitter - all okay. The lead time is 3 days. I ordered several parts and I will order more, I hope the service will not fail. I will also try different social networks.
Merryl Blankenship
19.08.2018 17:55:05
Guys, thank you very much for the service. Everything is very cheap and high-quality, work started just 1 minute after the order. Simply good fellows! Honestly, I did not expect such a high service and low prices. I will continue to cooperate with you.
19.08.2018 17:52:57
I paid the assignment, within 24 hours it was not done. I contacted the support team answered (within a few hours) that the program was crashing, they will restart the task. Immediately went to the reviews and done as a result of 30% more than ordered. In the future I plan to apply if necessary.
Steven Lindsey
19.08.2018 17:49:56
Repeatedly used the services of this site! There were all kinds of things, but any question that aroused was always solved! Good tech. support, well done! Well, the quality of services at a high level, and this is an excellent pledge of good reputation and development! I wish you every success!
19.08.2018 17:47:44
Technical support works well, but there is a single minus - slowly. Increase the number of operators, please, that problems could be solved instantly. Prices are acceptable, and most importantly, subscribers do not fall off after a while. Thank you for attention.
19.08.2018 16:22:20
I needed subscribers for the group on the "earnings" in Facebook. Found this site in the search engine, the prices here are low for Facebook. Ordered, 10 minutes later approved the requests for membership, through time the group increased in search. I will always order here! Thank you!
19.08.2018 15:19:16
Many thanks to you, for your work. Everything you do is great, I will always turn to you only. I still have many ideas and plans, I will count on your help and support. May God grant you health and patience with such "teapots" as I am!
Katrina from Kansas
19.08.2018 14:49:19
Guys, thanks! I honestly did not really believe, and just decided to try - participated in the contest, the result was very important for me. When I paid and updated the page, op! 200 people! was in shock at all))) before it voted only 30 friends, and then this result. thank you!
19.08.2018 14:39:29
I want to express my gratitude for the work of the service and technical support. At the prices of facebook competitors at the moment there. Because of my mistake, I had an opportunity to communicate with the technical support of the service. As a result, some of the money was returned to me, and my audacious tone was adequately received. Support Absolutely stress-resistant :) Thanks!
19.08.2018 14:33:37
I ordered almost simultaneously two tasks, I have no claims for one of them. I liked everything. Everything happened smoothly, looked from the side naturally, as if there was no order.
John Morgan
19.08.2018 14:20:01
At one time I tried different ways to promote groups. Quite a difficult job. With this site everything is much easier. I was pleased with the speed of implementation. You pay money and this money works for you.
19.08.2018 14:12:43
On this site when it turned out everything went differently. Worked with this site for a long period, made 3 projects of groups on facebook on various topics, almost all the groups brought to the top in the search. Excellent service in the ratio of price and quality, it was better to find me, I advise everyone to try.
Robert Baratheon
19.08.2018 14:08:42
We have been working with the service for a very long time, before that we worked with other people who used bots, I would tell the difference between the posts, the bots from the groups were demolished and the groups were banished for this, with the bots only for short periods of the group to promote, this is not reliable. I choose this service!
19.08.2018 13:59:41
It's no secret that at the moment advertising on the Internet (namely social networks) is a powerful force. In a matter of hours, your product can be seen by hundreds of people, among whom, probably, there will be potential customers. I ordered the promotion of the account of instagramm aerography. The page I created quickly replenished with new people who actively entered into the discussion of services and became interested in my proposal. With ECIR everything went quickly, efficiently, inexpensively. I recommend.
Christopher Norman
19.08.2018 12:56:50
Great site, at first thought it would be very long, painfully long as it happens in similar services! But it had absolutely different! For me it was unexpected, so fast promotion in social networks! I have never seen such a thing. The creators of luck and creativity!
Serious Todd
19.08.2018 12:44:58
It was necessary to quickly unleash the infotype in various social networks. I am very glad that I addressed here, after that the flow of customers increased at times. I will not hide, coming here for the first time was surprised by the prices and competent technical support.
19.08.2018 12:39:21
Ordered views on YouTube. The promised number of views quickly appeared under my video! And then the views themselves began to grow rapidly! And people began subscribing to my channel and watching other videos! I was very pleased! Huge THANKS
19.08.2018 12:37:20
Заказал просмотры на ютубе. Обещанное количество просмотров быстро появилось под моим видео! А затем просмотры сами стали стремительно расти! И люди стали подписываться на мой канал и просматривать другие видео! Я остался очень доволен! Огромное СПАСИБ
19.08.2018 12:34:19
For a long time we tried to promote our group vkontakte. It turned out not very, and naturally we thought, like many who do not use the services of professionals, that "VKontakte is not our social network." However, after working with ECIR, we realized that we were wrong). During the month the group grew by 3000. Everything is fast and honest! Recommended!
Georgina the best
19.08.2018 12:30:54
Great site! What a pity that I did not know about him before. Orders were made on all social networks. None of the problems were. Everything, as promised. Convenient payment, technical support works fine. Naturally, now a regular client)
19.08.2018 12:15:08
Crawled on the Internet and found this wonderful site, I ordered comments in instagram, people began to add comments in just 15 minutes, the price is average. I am very pleased, and I advise others.
19.08.2018 12:10:56
I want to express my deep gratitude to the employees of the site "ECIR", especially the administrator, for the chic service and professionalism. For the third time I order subscribers for the VKontakte group. I am very satisfied, I have never had a single claim on the quality of the order!
19.08.2018 12:04:39
I am very pleased that I have used the services of this site. Ordered a service to watch videos on YouTube. Everything was done quickly and that the main thing is quality. I'm just shocked, you rarely see such responsibility. I recommend everyone to use the services of ECIR.
19.08.2018 12:01:50
Thanks to my friend for sharing this site with me. ECIR correctly evaluated the situation and solved the problem! Thanks to the service, I became popular, I believed in myself and could earn a lot of money with MINIMUM costs! Thank you again!
19.08.2018 11:58:54
The creation and promotion of a group of products is not easy. Itself no time to deal with this matter, so I turned, on the advice of friends in this company. The result surpassed all expectations. It immediately shows the work of professionals. I will definitely contact more!
19.08.2018 11:54:45
Cooperation with the company left the best impressions. Ordered the promotion of the online store group in Facebook, all tasks are resolved in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the lowest prices on the Internet, which we met.
19.08.2018 11:51:59
Many thanks to this site. All the truth works, and most importantly quickly and very effectively. The number of followers in instagram grows literally every second. Everything is done in a short time. Very grateful.
19.08.2018 11:49:46
Ordered the promotion of Telegram channels dedicated to forex. ECIR did it very qualitatively and quickly. And the most important thing is not expensive (if you compare with others). In short I was very pleased. I am grateful for the service.
19.08.2018 11:46:55
I needed live views on Youtube on my video, I did not know how to do it. I found this site here and helped me a lot, very quickly and casually. Without unnecessary problems. I advise all ECIR, there is not deceived and will do everything as soon as possible. The main thing is that the price does not bite =)
19.08.2018 11:36:02
I decided to create a group of pickups on Facebook. I created, invited my friends to join, I have 98 people. Only one came by))) So think what kind of friends you have. With my girlfriend argued for $ 100 that in 3 days I will have 500 people in my community. I certainly did not tell her about ECIR. So I paid the service and ordered myself 1000 members for 3 days ..))) She lost and I got 100 freebie dollars. But that she was not sulky   I bought her 9 roses and myself a beer.)) Good service all okay!
19.08.2018 11:27:42
I created a channel in Telegram, I wanted to untwist it. Before that I tried to do it on my own, but there was complete nonsense. I risked to order here and was very happy. Very responsive administration, affordable prices, and the speed and quality of performance are simply amazing. The guys work qualitatively and conscientiously. Why did not I use their services before? I would have filled the channel long ago and the sales would be on top. I recommend them with all my heart!
19.08.2018 11:21:58
The service is wonderful, I'm so glad! I honestly did not expect .. it's the Internet .. and all that .. I advise everyone to use their services, you will be satisfied, I assure you) I ordered the likes of Facebook and that you think everything came so quickly that I was in shock! Thought scam, but no) very cool!)
19.08.2018 11:12:45
I created a channel for business in Instagram, of course, there were subscribers and likes on the goods, I decided to order it all here, the result: at an affordable price everything got pretty fast, now my page does not look abandoned, but has a live audience. Service satisfied, I recommend!
19.08.2018 11:07:50
At work gave the task - to create a group in a social network and attract buyers of sports goods. I thought it was easy, but after a week I realized that not everyone is interested, and many simply reject the application. That's when I decided to ask for help from professionals and accidentally stumbled upon the site of ECIR. I am very pleased that I quickly helped in attracting the members of the group, I will use the services of this site more than once.
19.08.2018 11:04:04
I applied to get more votes for a competitive photo, within a day for a photo I got a lot of votes !!! The system works fine and my photo comes first! thanks to the creator of this system!
19.08.2018 10:45:53
I like to use it! It is a very easy way to get new fallowers. Every day my social page begins more popular. I think, my friends will use it too. Only a great team could create a real nice system.
19.08.2018 10:41:31
ECIR is one of the few sites I trust. I have been working with him for a long time, and there is no doubt that he is the best. Everything is always on time. Thank you for stability and reliability. Good luck.
19.08.2018 08:32:52
Hello everybody! So quickly, I have not yet "pumped" my social page. I will continue to use it, and I will recommend it to my friends. Cool site, great customer support and low prices. Thank you!
19.08.2018 07:31:01
I recently found out about this site. Previously, I had to manage manually or use the services of irresponsible sites, but I was not happy with the price and quality. Here I am sure that I will receive exactly what I ordered. "Subscribers" and other services are always performed in full. Everything suits me.
19.08.2018 07:21:44
All perfectly. I've been using the site for a long time. It works honestly and provides high-quality services. Works without failures and delays. if suddenly something happens, you can always contact the customer service and solve everything.
19.08.2018 07:12:50
Great site. It works just fine and clear. I use it and recommend it to everyone. With his help, my social networks began to come to life. Class! I will continue to use only ECIR. I advise everyone to use this wonderful site!
19.08.2018 02:16:52
Very useful services. Has typed 10 000 subscribers in Instagram in a short time. Views and likes really grew. I like convenient to promote social networks through ESRI. Will continue to use again.
18.08.2018 21:29:16
The best web service ever! I am very lucky I finally found a good social network promoting service. The system is incredibly easy to use and it really helps to promote your social account, to increase the audience! Definitely I will continue to use ECIR as a main promoting tool for my account!
18.08.2018 18:20:19
I had a catastrophic lack of subscribers. The material is very interesting, and it should be encouraged. I had experience working with other services, but they did not really suit me. Faced even with scammers. ECIR, by contrast, is distinguished by the quality of work, the support of its customers, and the reasonable price for services. I will only work with ECIR.
18.08.2018 17:13:08
I was looking for a similar site, but could not choose, because there are a lot of them, and not all of them honestly provide services. Friends recommended ECIR as a reliable and tested service. I ordered "views" and "likes", everything was done perfectly. The site really works and performs its duties.
18.08.2018 16:56:39
ECIR perfectly "strengthens" my social networks. First, I am satisfied with the price. Secondly, this is a quality work. Thirdly, excellent support from site administration. I am pleased with everything.
18.08.2018 16:37:22
To get started, this is what you need. You can very quickly improve your ratings and views. ECIR is the best way to start your success. Here you are guaranteed to get quality work. I recommend to all.
18.08.2018 15:57:38
Great. My friends reccommend this site to me and I'm completely satisfied. Affordable prices for efficient work. If yu need to pump your social media account - ECIR is the best in it. Will highly reccommend to others.
18.08.2018 15:37:51
I've heard a lot of negatives about this site, but I have only a positive experience. The site clearly fulfills its duties, work on the principle of "ordered - received." Quality is excellent, checked personally. The work with the site is 100% satisfied.
18.08.2018 15:17:03
Not bad. I learned from friends about this site. I use the site to cheat views and subscribers. Good, flexible system and reasonable prices. Quite good and courteous support. I'm happy that I turned to ecir.
18.08.2018 14:24:21
Pretty good pumping of my instagram. Laiki and subscribers in unlimited quantities. So easy and fast can only be done in ECIR. And quite inexpensive. If you need something to clarify, the support works fine, communicates willingly and answers all questions.
18.08.2018 11:56:47
A great resource. Impressed by the simplicity and convenience of the interface. Quickly purchased the desired number of subscribers. The main thing that it took a little time. Very reasonable prices.
18.08.2018 10:33:15
The site is just super! Now I have many friends and subscribers. Now there is no problem to promote your content! My ratings and views are growing. This is exactly what I need. Thank you for the quality.
18.08.2018 10:14:33
The site left me with good impressions. With problems, help is coping very well with those support. Very politely and intelligibly explained all the necessary information. I'm glad that I use this site.
18.08.2018 10:07:31
I was looking for a site that did not ask for their services for money. ECIR provides services not worse than similar sites, moreover, for reasonable money. I like the fact that subscribers are real people, not fake pages. Thanks to support - were at the beginning of a misunderstanding how and what, but figured out.
Elena Kazachenko
18.08.2018 09:58:14
Liked the service. Very simple and easy to use. If there are difficulties, then the support is always in touch and is ready to help in solving problems. Problems nebylo, all services are provided qualitatively and on time. Remained only the best vpichchatleniya. To raise the rating and attendance of the site is now very easy.
18.08.2018 09:09:33
For a long time I was looking for a reliable service with which I could cooperate for a long time and quality work was guaranteed. ECIR - meets all my strict requirements. There are all necessary services. This is not at all expensive (believe me, there are sites that charge higher fees). Here the prices are very reasonable, and the quality is at a high level. I recommend.
18.08.2018 08:36:28
Pleasant site. Everything is very conveniently done. I liked the site design and its reputation. I trust him because he has been working in this field for many years. And this is for me the most important thing.
18.08.2018 08:29:21
I liked this site very much. I was pleasantly surprised when I started using it. The mechanism of work is very simple in understanding and very effective. I am pleased that I turned to you.
18.08.2018 08:29:19
I run more than 10 accounts at a time and just can not fill out every required information. The ECIR service helps me with this. There is nothing easier than to order a service, and it is guaranteed to get the result. Laiki, subscriptions, opinions can be obtained for a small fee. And the main thing is quality, these are not thousands of useless empty accounts. Personally, I'm 100% satisfied with the service.
18.08.2018 08:06:51
I doubted that the service really works and is honest. It seemed that for such a small payment qualitatively did not perform work. But still decided to try. Firstly, I ordered 100 subscribers, all came and surprisingly fast. I checked it a bit manually - accounts are not fake and filled as expected. I think the service is trustworthy.
18.08.2018 07:57:40
ECIR gave me a good start in promoting my social networks. Subscribers and opinions come in quality, not counterfeit. It is very clear - how much is ordered so much and done. The use of the service is very convenient and easy. The site is simple and very understandable. The prices are low, so the site is not very expensive to use.
17.04.2018 12:43:01
отличный сервис, спасибо!