How to start

How can I top-up my balance?

We support payments via the Robokassa system. In order to top up your balance, go to this page and choose one of the suggested packages or enter any amount in the box below

You will be forwarded to the payment page in the PayPal system and you will be offered to pay in any convenient way.

After the successful payment, be sure to click the "Back to Shop" button in the PayPal system for your payment to be processed automatically. After that, your balance in the Ecir system will be successfully topped up.

Create the account

The first thing you need to do on our website is create an account. And verify it via your email.

Create new account here

Make an order

Now when you have your credit, you simply need to spend your credit for buying any products you need. You can find all of our product here.


Terms of usage

Order statuses and their meanings

Our system provides statuses for tracking the execution of your order. Below there is a list of the statuses that your orders may have with the transcripts:

Pending - this status indicates that your order is in the queue and will soon be processed. Read carefully the description of the service - the launch speed is indicated there.

In progress - this status indicates that your order is already in progress.

Complete - this status indicates that your order has been completed.

Cancel - this status indicates that your order has been cancelled. Please, contact support if you see this status.

Not found - this status indicates an error in the link of your order. Please, carefully read the rules for links before placing an order - if you see this status for your order - write in support.

Partially - the order is completed, but not until the end, the balance of funds is returned to the balance.


Terms and Conditions

1.1 The main goal of our team is to minimise any possible risks and make the use of our service safe. However, the user is fully responsible for their accounts, their business and their outcomes.

1.2 Alongside with ensuring the general security, we apply a set of measures to provide confidentiality of the user’s personal data. Please note, that in the event of an unforeseen leak of information, our service is not responsible for any consequences. The market is flexible and we always respond adequately to the price changes of our services.

2.1 Prices stated in the price list are not static and can be changed both ways: either get lower or get higher.

2.2 We are passionate about customers and commitments, but the provided ETA, as well as the criteria may vary and are subject to change depending on the user’s case. Any social network promotion has a write-off ratio.

3.1 Based on this, we can start an additional promotion session, but not more than once and only for the customers who purchased the service with the warranty included.

3.2 For accounts with more than 100,000 subscribers the warranty does not apply because it is impossible to track the subscribers’ accounts being not counted.

3.3 We do not give 100% guarantee that every account used for promotion has an avatar, description, regular publications and is active.

3.4 We guarantee that the service you select will be provided to you in full, as described.

Promotion process

4.1 During the promotion process your account must be open to public and the login / nickname / address on the page must not be changed. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide our services in full.

4.2 It is prohibited to start several similar jobs / algorithms at the same time or to use different sites / services for the promotion. In some cases, due to technical features of the promotion process, this may entail the provision of services not in full volume. In this case, the refund to the user’s personal account on the site is not provided.

Technical features

5.1 From time to time, the site may suspend the provision of services. This happens due to security and service improvement measures.

Customer support

6.1 In the event of some technical problems or questions regarding the operation of the service, you can send your query using the “contacts” section on the website and receive a response within 24 hours.

Important notice

7.1 Starting and executing an order is an irreversible process for any kind of promotion.

7.2 Order cancellation is impossible under any circumstances unless there was an error. In case of an error, the order will be automatically canceled within 72 hours.

7.3 We have the right to refuse to provide you with our services in case you are placing any prohibited content on the social network profile (propagandising extremism, pedophilia, terrorism, and other content prohibited by law in the Russian Federation).


8.1 Refund (withdrawal of money from the site) is available to the user only in the event of the service termination.

Blocking of users

9.1 An attempt to hack a site, to cheat money, to deceive or communicate with the service administration in an offensive way is considered to be violation of the rules and entails permanent blocking of the user’s account without the possibility of a refund.

Orders rules for links / logins

When placing an order, always correctly specify the link to your account / group / public according to the rules of the system. For different types of services we have various link rules. You can find these rules right on the card of the service in the "link" column.

Example of the rules:

  1. Enter only full link for you account
  2. Enter only full link for you post
  3. Enter only login
Service symbols

In the quick order form on the main page of our service, as well as in the section "New order" in the system, you can find service symbols that can help you immediately understand the type of provided services:

  1. ⚡️ - Quick start
  2. ★ - Popular service
  3. ♻️ - Warranty (Additional Free Promotion)
  4. ⛔️ - Delays / unstable
Quality of goods

In our product catalog there is a large number of products and services for various social networks. Our catalog contains products for:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Telegram

In the product catalog, you can find different versions of the same goods by name, but each product differs from the other product in the wrapping speed, the quality of the accounts and the stability of the work, you can read more about each product by clicking the "Details" button in the "New Order" section on the card each individual item in the upper right corner.


Errors and bugs

If you find a bug or a system error, be sure to send it to us. We appreciate it and give bonuses for that. For example, you report a critical bug or a system error, we will be happy to top up your balance for a couple of hundred rubles. Help us improve the system and make it more stable and convenient for you! Looking forward to your comments below.

Errors and statuses

This status indicates error in your order, which could be caused by multiple reasons:

  1. Incorrect link to a publication
  2. Video/post is not available in all countries (Instagram)
  3. Private profile (Instagram, Facebook)
  4. System problems
  5. Product problems

In any case, please contact our support team to solve this.

Order cancellation

Payment cancellation

There are several reasons for the automatic payment cancellation:

  1. Temporary server error.
  2. Unstable service.
  3. The account doesn't meet the requirements.
  4. Account is closed / No avatar.
  5. A non-existent link.
  6. The link is in the wrong format.

Please note, cancellation of orders by client request after payment is impossible, under any circumstances. If an error was made, the order will be canceled automatically.

Claims for unstable, test and backup services are not accepted.

By using our service, you fully agree with these terms and conditions.

Orders cancellation

You can ask for a refund of money spent on goods or services paid through the ECIR system, provided that the product was unavailable or removed from the catalog. Below is a complete list of conditions under which a refund can be made:

  1. Removing goods from the catalog
  2. Cancellation of the promotion on technical problems on our part
  3. Technical problems on the part of the service

If you need a refund, you should write to our technical support and report your problem, requests for refund are processed within 48-96 hours, only through the ticker system ECIR.PRO

Return of funds is possible only to your internal balance in the ECIR system in the amount equal to the amount of payment or the balance of funds from the executed / canceled order. Withdrawal of funds from the balance credit is not supported.

The Security Service can refuse to refund you for the following reasons:

  1. user error when filling out their personal data
  2. order of "unstable" goods
  3. error in the link when ordering a product / service

Referral system

Referral terms

In our system you can use the referral system to attract new users to our ECIR system and make a profit and earn money from the payments of your attracted partners.

Terms of work of the partner system:

  1. You receive 5% of all payments made by your partners
  2. You can get your referral link in this section
  3. Number of partners involved is unlimited
  4. The withdrawal of referral funds is possible on any electronic wallet or VISA / MasterCard
How to start getting profit from ECIR

We offer you a refund system for making money on our ECIR system. You can use some of our recommendations to attract more partners and earn money on the involved partners:

  1. Advertise ECIR service using your referral link in social networks
  2. Do reviews on the ECIR service on the forums and thematic sites using in the review your referral link
  3. Take video reviews on the service ECIR and lay out on the video hosting, adding in the description of the video your referral link
  4. Publish posts with a brief overview of the ECIR service in Telegram channels and chat rooms using your referral link

And much much more, hundreds of options for using and attracting new partners. Then everything depends on you, and for large resellers on the partner program, we increase the percentage of deductions to 15%


Support terms

For any questions you can contact our technical support through the ticket system, on our website you will always find the "Help" button in the lower right corner of the site. Fill out the application form and within 2 hours you will receive an answer to your question.

We remind you that the processing time for your request can be from 24 to 72 hours. The operating time of our technical department: from Mon. to Fri. from 10 am to 7 pm by the UTC:+3.

In addition to the ticket system, you can find the answer to the question you are interested in in our Knowledge Base, which will be filled as we accumulate in our tech. support of similar issues.

Catalog updates

We monitor the quality of their products and every day we update the catalog of goods. For all the changes you can follow on our Telegram channel. Every day we remove and add new quality products to the ECIR system to provide better quality products for our users. Removal of goods is associated with technical problems of a particular social network and also with technical problems with our suppliers, the addition of new products partially or completely compensates for the removal of goods and all new goods added to the catalog of better quality than deleted ones.